20Aug21: kitty food time…

Andy scratched on the arm of my chair to let me know he wanted something from me. I ignored him for a moment till I finished an email, then looked up to find Andy giving me a big judgmental stare. Uh oh! Kitty food time!

I prepared the kitty food, but Andy now acts like it was something else he wanted when I said, “Andy, there’s kitty food over here. Eat it before the flies do! KITTY FOOD!”

I go over to Andy to “skritch” him. His eyes glaze over in that pre-“zoomies” look. Maybe he will go after the food now!

Nope! “Andy, it’s time for your kitty food. You have some waiting at the kitty food place.” I plead, but he just stays there on the recliner footrest. Shortly after I put my smart phone/camera down, he initiates a “zoomie” that ends up at the kitty food place. All this drama from a kitty boy who usually runs ahead of me when I just say the words “kitty food”!