28Sep21: mysteries of the Android world…

Andy can’t figure it out either.

Once again, the mysteries of the Android 10 smartphone block transfer of photos from the phone to my laptop. After piddling around, I finally breached the dam (“damn”!?) and found the missing photos from the past three days plus the new ones, mostly. I get soooo disturbed that I periodically have to go through this little ritual, especially since the magic that unblocks the constipated phone never seems to be the same one each time.

13 thoughts on “28Sep21: mysteries of the Android world…

  1. My mac like to play games with the iPhone too. Once upon a time iPhoto was a simple very efficient program. But as we all know if it ain’t broke it doesn’t have enough features. So they broke it.

  2. Oh Doug! I hear you! Ironically, I have an iPhone and a Mac laptop, both Apple products—and while it’s easier to transfer photos from the phone to the computer now, the Mac effectively hides everything in crevices and hidey holes I’ve never seen photos stored in. As a workaround I tried sending pictures from the phone to my email account, but as soon as I download them, whoosh! The computer snatches them, and I’m tearing my hair out trying to figure out where 18 photos of my weekend garden project went. And yes, it’s never in the same place, using the same method to open them as the last time you went through this problem.

    Someone told me it’s easier if you use the WordPress phone app to transfer your phone pictures to your blog: but I can’t type on my phone without leaving a pile of typos, the screen being too small for my wretched eyes to spot errors. I hope you’re able to find your photos in a simple, non-aggravating manner! I know you’re tech-savvy, but I’m thinking most tech is aimed at people with 20-20 vision and who don’t need bifocals, and who have all the time in the world to troubleshoot the software—says the woman with bifocals, severe myopia, and who just installed a “smart printer” in her home office! With many swear words!

    • I send them from my smartphone to my laptop via g-mail. I have two g-mail accounts to accomplish this, the smartphone g-mail being used pretty much exclusively for photos and short videos I make on it. Where things seem to fail is every time there’s an update on the smartphone operating system. It’s chronic enough a problem with Android phones that there are many sites that purport to answer how to correct the problem! None works, to my experience. I have the same problem with the small phoner screen.

    • Me, too! I appreciated the IT specialists at work, before I retired, who solved there sorts of issues. I was a bitter revelation the day, after I retired, that it became obvious I had to become my own IT guy!

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