31Aug21: more Louie the ginger cat…

I tried putting a leash on Louie. He was out of it practically before I put him down! It worked out, though. Louie and I took walks around the compound. If you’ve never walked a cat, try it! 

Louie’s tail wasn’t “floofy” like Andy’s, but it fascinated me just the same.

30Aug21: Louie in snow…

Yes, that’s the famous fir that every cat in the neighborhood loves because it is a favorite of birds as well! Notice I shoveled a path through a drift so Louie could walk over to the fir on his kitty business. My cats train me well!

Louie in snow. I never tired of his beauty, and this sequence documents his pretty head markings. To this day, my favorite kitty is the ginger tabby. Well, ginger tabbies and smoke Persians! Oh! Don’t forget tuxedo kitties! Heck, I love’em all! 

29Aug21: Louie the cat continues….

Louie’s favorite hidey hole was the dryer.

The fated settee (Dougy “killed” it….) was Louie’s favorite place to sleep.

What cat doesn’t take over the keyboard?

The settee was a good place to watch birds in the fir outside the backdoor, too. This is my favorite Louie photo after the Captain Me-Ow photo….

What’s not to love about this one?

28Aug21: Louie came first…

I thought Louie was a female, so named “her” Lucy, after Lucille Ball. “She” arrived at the apartment in a carrier, and immediately walked around the apartment, opening all the cabinets and making the place “hers”.

When I took “Lucy” to the veterinarian’s to be spayed, the veterinarian technician picked “her” up and noted “she” was a neutered male! LOL! At that same time, the receptionist asked me for “her” name for their file. Quickly, I came up with “Louie”, after Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong, another Kool Kat! His new name fit, despite the haste with which I renamed him.

27Aug21: snow





The next few days, I’m featuring the late Louie the ginger cat in my blog posts.

I’m a bit amazed I posted all of the Andy and Dougy videos, some at least twice. I don’t know. Lots of them, anyway, and I decided I wanted to post the Louie videos as well as some of the Louie photos I posted on this blog in the long ago early days – this blog goes back to mid-2009.

Every time I have a catastrophic computer or laptop failure, those early photos get lost except for being on this blog. I am glad of that! Now they are on my current laptop, too.

26Aug21: Have we been here before? Oh well!

Dougy’s tummy was safe.

I can’t resist Andy’s “floofy” tail!

Andy can’t resist anything that moves!

25Aug21: snow day; play day; wash day; the hunt…

Snow and cats….

Andy had some health issues back then. Here, he plays with a peacock feather.

Andy washes up.

What’s for supper, one hopes?


22Aug21: temptation…

I tempt Andy with one of his favorite “toys”, a straw, but first: “Scritch the kitty”!

Andy thinks about it. Play or take a nap?

Andy will take his nap, but keeps the straw close by for play after he rests up.