Post 1275: exploring the box the kitty food came in…

Andy has good reason to hide in the box the kitty food came in. He hasn’t had his medicine yet!


All this happened in the dark, so it took the full power of the edit function on my smart phone to get much detail in the photos today: black kitty in a dark room issues!

49 thoughts on “Post 1275: exploring the box the kitty food came in…

  1. Shoko is very hard to photograph because of her black face. The darned gal will shut her eyes just as the picture snaps. I can hear her MOL when I look at the picture. I should scare the cwap out of her and see if her eyes stay open. I won’t but it is tempting.


    • LOL! Good one! He has another weakness: If he’s on top of a box, he has a false sense of security. Many times, I can catch him to give him his medicine when he’s “hiding” on top of one of his boxes.

    • I’ll try to find a place for it because Andy thinks it is just right for Andy stuff! There are several really worn out and ugly boxes I let the kitty boys have. I think the one in the front room (you often see it in photos of Dougy on his ottoman) is three years old.

  2. I had some issues with light conditions too. Just could not get it to work. That’s why I rather take photos outside. Outside, there is rarely a too dark setting here in the south.

    • Thanks, GP! I just got banned on Facebook for what appears to be their standard for quantity and speed of entries. That is to say, what they think makes me a spammer. I am at a loss to understand how clicking on emojis and comments, making comments of my own, and sharing things I like has to do with their “not using the app as intended”, but bullies rarely explain why they are beating on you, eh? It took me lots of digging on their help site to finally (I think) figure out what their cause for upset was. Though lots of people follow me there, I’m seriously considering dropping my account,providing I get “unbanned”. What a humiliation! So mujh for my good day.

        • My blogs go over to FB, which is the main reason to stick around. for the most part, though, it is a repugnant place that requires lots of blocking till you get the “news” feed blocking offensive posts. “Social” is possible if one is very choosy about who =you follow. Fewer is best.

          UPDATE: The link to FB that used to be on my blog is gone now. Presumably my blog won’t automatically go over there either. In which case, [BLEEP] Facebook! It’s a huge waste of time for the most part.

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