31Oct21: “Ummm…maybe I do like it after all!”

I gave Andy his afternoon chicken wet food meal, and, after a drink at the kitty fountain, he stopped by to rest and clean up.

I, of course, can’t resist “scritching” my kitty boy!! He isn’t thrilled because he had his plans…

…which he soon forgot in a roar of purr-purr-purr! Make your plan but be flexible, eh?!



29Oct21: …my bad!

Andy’s upset with me. Stupidly, I grabbed at him when he stopped by. Worse of all, it was his tail I grabbed!

“Maybe I can bribe him with a fiver,” I thought to myself.

Well, he enjoyed a sniff, but he’s a kitty boy, eh?! What’s a fiver to a cat? 


Not to worry! Andy stopped by to let me know my servant duties continue to be needed, so he’s wary but forgiving.



27Oct21: Kill the Birbug!

I briefly played “Kill the Birbug” with Andy.

That reminded me to verify I had prepared today’s blog entry…

…so I put the Birbug down so I could check. 

Good thing, too, because Andy saw the Birbug was undefended, and that gave me material I’ve just posted! (I thought I had a post ready for today, but it turned out I didn’t…at half an hour to go before I usually post!)

26Oct21: Plausible deniability…NOT!

“I see you eyeballing me, Andy.”

“No, I’m not!”

“Yes, you are, Andrew!”

“Now you’re giving me a side glance!”

When all else fails, take a nap. 

25Oct21: sleepy boy, barely awake…

After a long snooze on the stacked carriers…

…Andy stopped by on the recliner footrest for…

…a happy face rub.

Barely awake yet, Andy plans his next move. I bet it involves kitty food!

24Oct21: had his ‘nip this morning…

Andy likes his ‘nip.

But his reaction to it isn’t gleeful insanity.

It’s this! And his ‘nip is home grown, fresh ‘nip. He sniffs it, then eats the crumpled leaves.

Not pretty, but it kicks kitty butt!