18 thoughts on “14Jan22: Got you!

  1. Andy, you’re such a good boy! My Sunny would tear my arm off if I kept patting and teasing her while she was trying to nap! She’s an ex-feral, so she’s much less tolerant and thinks fighting and biting are fair play for humans who don’t “get it!”

    • Andy wants to tear my arm off, but lets it go with nips and claws to the degree necessary to get it through my thick head, “not now! “

    • Thyat’s because I usually take photos of him in those positions. He does have his daily “zoomies” , where he runs a top speed through the apartment. If I could pr3edict when these would happen, I make videos of therm. Also, he could walk from A to B if he were a human, but he goes to A to A-sub to A-sub2, and so on – from the floor to the recliner footrest, to the recliner back, to the computer desk, to the computer chair, to the floor. He does lots of jumping and hopping, Michel, so he does get his exercise. Also, cats are stretchers. When he sharpens his claws, he adds a deep stretch into it as well. Andy is an inside cat because I live close to too major roads. Also, there are many ignorant people who would hurt cats because they don’t like cats or they think black cats are bad luck. Andy is a sweet natured kitty, too, and he would have difficulties dealing with feral cats that would fight him. No, he just is safer inside!

    • Andy has his “I-demand-all-your-attention-NOW!” moments and these moments where he is appalled that I think I can actually pet him!

    • Never, but I can hope! One day, when he is the kitty equivalent of 100 years old, he’ll forget he’s a cat and hop up on my lap to get warm!

        • You actually may have something there, John. My sister just noted that her cat becomes a lap cat when my sister puts a soft, fluffy throw on her lap. A similar preference or behavior here is Andy won’t spend time on the notorious “Dougy’s ottoman” unless I leave a lapboard on top. That isolates the “Dougy-ness” from Andy, and he feels comfortable doing his thing there!

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