11Nov23: Andy does it big…



He was a quiet farm kid who died from horrific wounds while helping others. Ronald  Coker:

Ronald Leroy Coker | Vietnam War | U.S. Marine Corps | Medal of Honor Recipient (cmohs.org)

The rest of us who served honorably can be proud of our service yet not properly feel thanks is necessary. Anyone can do it; everyone should do it if fit to do it. Those who don’t serve miss out on an important part of good citizenship.

Military service, Peace Corps, America Corps, Public Health Service, Volunteer Firemen and -women, youth coaches and many volunteer jobs are just some of the ways to do one’s service to country.

16 thoughts on “11Nov23: Andy does it big…

    • My time in Germany as a motion picture photographer is nothing compared with the experiences of my friends who served in Vietnam. My time was almost a paid vacation!

    • He’d be finishing up harvest on the family farm, preparing for Wintering the animals in a happier world. After 54 years, the shock of how he died still is there. He was a nice person, a good guy, very quiet, and deserving of life.

  1. I was able to open the link to read about PFC Coker, such a brave man and great American. I honor him with thanks. 🇺🇸❤️ I can’t run the video due to my very poor internet speed and hot spot on my iPhone, sorry, Doug. Have a great weekend you two.

    • The video seems not to be the hit I hoped it would be. Ron was a good guy in life. The way he died is beyond comprehension even now, more than half a century later.

    • Yes, Andy puts heart into his clean-ups! Ron, had he lived, would have been finishing up the harvest on the family farm about now, making the Thanksgiving dinner possible for tens of thousands of people. Farmers and ranchers make life itself possible and are heroes in their own way.

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