02Feb22: smartphone charger cord…

Andy was watching a Harold Lloyd movie with me, so I decided to take some photos of the little rascal enjoying the film. As soon as I picked up the smartphone, though, he lost interest in the film.

(Of course!)

I finally figured it out: He was fascinated now with the charger cord to my smartphone. It was still attached to the phone…

…so we played with it instead of watching the film!


A few posts ago, I noted one could see my hands taking Andy’s photo reflected in his eyes. I failed to make an edit of the photo on Paint, so set it aside till today. I’ve no idea why I failed the first time, but here’s the closeup of that reflection. It took me seconds to do it right this time. Good grief!


30 thoughts on “02Feb22: smartphone charger cord…

      • … 🙂 you made me smile dear Doug, with my Little Big Cats it doesn’t seem easy! They don’t stop, I mean I can’t catch the eye… and they also talk toooooo much!!! For everything they talk… I haven’t had before such a naughty cat before like them. Thank you dear, have a nice day, Love, nia

        • I can imagine that would make photography difficult! Andy is a very deliberate kitty. He takes his time (usually) making his move.

    • Fortunately, neither Andy nor his late brother bothered cables or electrical cords. I did put protection on them when they were kittens, but that proved to be unneeded.

  1. I do love the hand in eye photo. The expression on his face could easily be one of “what’s he after me for now?” if we didn’t know the back story. It looks like the opening to “How not to get your cat into the carrier”

  2. It is sure , Doug, if you give a toy ( charger cord ) ; Andy will stop watching the movie and your photo is down ! 🙂 But I have to say the five first photos are beautiful , very sharp and expressive.
    In friendship

        • Thank, Michel! Practice and good luck are most of it, and willingness to edit out half of the photos because they are terrible or so blurred they are unusable. Of course, sometimes a blurred photo helps tell the story by adding a suggestion of movement. I oftentimes will use one like that. Several in this post have some of that meaningful blur in them.

    • LOL! I can imagine having two subjects, your challenge is several times harder than mine! I know my challenge was much harder when I had Dougy and Andy to photograph.

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