18 thoughts on “03Feb22: the cup…

    • He is fascinated by ice, but only licks it a time or two then leaves it. Therre wasn’t any ice in the cup when I set it down on the end table, but there had been a short time before the photos.

    • He’s never had milk (other than mother’s milk and formula when he was a kitten….) or ice cream since I’ve made sure he and the late Dougy never ate things not recommended for cats, but the cup had ice in it shortly before I took the photos. Andy love, love, loves ice! Usually, he’ll lick it a time or two, but his main interest is to bat it around like a football ball!

      • I always keep my cats away from milk. Mr. Bowie didn’t liked it actually. Sometimes Jimi wants to lick an empty pudding or yoghurt jar. But he prefers shrimps… 😉

        • Andy shows interest in human food but only to sniff it. He does want to lick butter off my dinner plate, but I discourage him, then give him suitable kitty treats or catnip.

    • If there’s anything in the cup, just as you suspect, he will put his face as far into the mug of cup as it can go. I learned the hard way not to set mugs or cups with anything in them down where he can investigate what’s in them.

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