17Feb22: snowy weather…

“It’s snowing outside, Andrew! I’ve put your little chair by the door so you can watch it.”

I don’t think Ms. Frog across the lane is happy with it…

…but Mr. & Mrs. Pot People anticipate the moisture benefit of the snow for the coming gardening season!

Andy’s still uncertain about watching the snow.

So far, it isn’t too deep.

27 thoughts on “17Feb22: snowy weather…

    • Me, too! Andy and Dougy used it a lor. Andy uses it less often sinc3e he prefers a bathroom window with a rose bush outside that’s a big bird roost.

  1. Have a nice snowy day dear Doug, watching from the window is the best for me too… I don’t like to be outside in the snow… Stay safe and warm, Thank you, Love, nia

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