12Apr22: a bit playful, but not…

Andy stayed for a few rounds of “Kill-kill-kill!” then he left for a short time.

When he returned, he observed the toy swinging through the air, but didn’t show any signs of playfulness. He left again to get a drink of water.

When he returned, he had other plans! 

11 thoughts on “12Apr22: a bit playful, but not…

  1. On saturday, my watch disappeared, ( put as usual ), on sunday, one of my red winter gloves disappeared. Kittens looking absolutely : ” me ? what ? I do no know what you mean ” –
    On thursday, watch and red glove are back.
    Amitiés 🙂

    • Andy can be a little poop some days! He was acting up, whiney. “Play with me. NOW!” Then he decided he wasn’t in the mood to play.

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