Post 1209: Kittycats on Parade ~a video day

Once again, because there have been so many new subscribers lately, I am posting some of the videos featuring the two kitty boys, Andy and Dougy.

A big part of the fun of kitties (or any pet) is how they interact with us and our homes. Videos show that best!


Andy can be a pest…

When an English friend sent the kitty boys a package of treats and kitty goodies, the boys had a grand day! (Up to and including the box they came in, of course…!)

How do you know your kitty is naughty? Why, his horns are up!

The kitty boys approach snow differently. I suspect Dougy would love, love, love to spend hours romping in it, but they are indoor kitties for their safety.

I especially like this video of Andy…

The kitties aren’t little angels, let me tell you!

Thanks to Microsoft updates, I have yet to work out how I upload raw videos on my PC, then edit them, but, even with this roadblock, there are somewhere over 230 of my videos on YouTube, mostly cat videos of the two you know, but some of the late Louie the ginger cat.

The link to my YouTube channel:

33 thoughts on “Post 1209: Kittycats on Parade ~a video day

    • I don’t have any cat level knick knacks, so I am spared that, but they learned there is a wonderful world of counter tops when I was sick, thanks to some thoughtful house cleaning and straightening by the people caring for my cats. They didn’t know that my cat thwarting technique was to keep counter tops cluttered so they didn’t see a place to land when they hopped. As you know, they have amazing hopping capabilities!

  1. Such cuties, great videos . Maybe you could tape the wires to the back of the computer so Andy won’t be tempted by them. Looks like Christmas came early with those gifts.

    • It was a fine Spring morning, I think, and yes, it was very much like Christmas!

      Andy hasn’t messed with the wires since that day. I guess he was just satisfying his curiosity.

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