Post 805: a cool spot for Andy…

Andy and Dougy know all the best spots to keep warm in winter and cool in summer. One spot Andy enjoys all year, though, is the top of the washing machine.



...dreams of mouseys and fat tweety birds...!

…dreams of mousies squeaking and fat tweety birds…!

All this dreamiung wears a kitty out!

All this dreaming wears a kitty out!



19 thoughts on “Post 805: a cool spot for Andy…

    • I wish! Nights are coolish (50°-65°F/ 10°C to a bit over 18°C), but it’s been in the mid-80s (>29°C) during the days. I have the air conditioner on, something that I rarely use except in deep summer, late July and August.

    • Actually, it is secure and high enough that Andy especially likes it unless the drier door is open. He likes sleeping in the drier. (I always check to make sure “nobody” is in it before I use it!)

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