Andy and Doug are back, Maybe

I have no idea how I overcame 45 minutes of effort to get on my blog again, but here I am. 🙃

I’m still without a laptop. After ordering a new battery, the problem turned out to be related to the button you push to turn it on.

While waiting for that problem to be fixed, the laptop was in a flood.

The repair guy’s kandlord’s insurance paid for a new laptop, which I am still waiting to get.

I’m the meantime, my smartphone died this morning, leaving me in a pickle!

I’m managed to get this much posted. Andy and I are fine. In two days, though, the second anniversary of Dougy’s death comes around. It is a sad 😔 anniversary.


Andy fans, here’s a recent photo of my sweetie doing Andy stuff.

The next photo shows him checking out the bag the phone store put all my smartphone stuff in.


I hope I can get back on again since I have no idea how I got on this time. Don’t despair,  though, if my restored access to WP is sporadic till I get used to having to update it on a smartphone I am trying to master till I get that laptop that supposedly is purchased and on the way to me.

46 thoughts on “Andy and Doug are back, Maybe

  1. Welcome dear Doug and Lovely Andy! I really missed you. I haven’t known that you started on July again. I have just seen your name on another blogger friend’s post today. How happy I am. I hope everything run well with new technologies… Good Luck. Have a nice day, Love, nia

  2. I am so happy to see you both came back. Welcome dear team, To be honest I haven!t known that you started again on12th July!!! I have just seen and read your last post (of today 31.08.22)… Because I don’t follow on my e-mail notifications. I deleted them. I keep following on my blog…so I can’ t see you came back. I just saw your avatar on another friend’s post…How I was happy… I missed you and Andy… I hope everything will be fine. Good Luck dear Doug, Have a nice day,
    Love, nia

  3. OMG I was so worried about you and Andy! Glad to see you back, if only briefly. Tech problems are the worst, especially since it costs so much to replace the hardware. [Glares at new iPhone.] I hope you’ll be able to resolve them soon. Dougy is much missed.

  4. Glad you were able to do a post. Anniversaries of losing loved ones are tough. You and Andy will have to give each other lots of love .

  5. Good to see you and Andy back and I hope whatever worked will keep working until you get your new laptop. I understand how you miss Dougie, I miss all our kitties who have moved on, too.

  6. Hey your back! I hope you are well, Doug, I was worried about you. Aren’t tech problems fun? If I were closer to your area, I would try to offer you some suggestions that may help. Good to see you two again!

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