Post 2125: new territory…


Andy spends a lot of time on the television stand. It seems…


…it is to Andy what the ottoman is to Dougy: His territory! So when Dougy walks by to go into the guest bedroom, Andy becomes upset. Really upset!  Shortly after this photo was taken, Andy hopped off the television stand and chased Dougy through the apartment.






29 thoughts on “Post 2125: new territory…

  1. Andy’s not gonna let Dougy steel his moments with the big screen, ’cause the big screen might have agents that will call on Andy to star in his own movie. Tee hee hee. Purr purr purr.

    • I used to make lots of kitty videos featuring the kitty boys, then Microsoft dropped their simple-to-use video editor. I’ve tried others and ran into technical issues. Frankly, I enjoyed making videos since it involved skills I developed as a US Army motion picture photographer, a job I thoroughly enjoyed.

    • I have cats because I thought a dog or two would be a problem in a place where I live, a duplex in a retirement community. At the time, there was a lady on the mext lane over who had three generations of minatiure schnausers (grandmother, mother, daughter) that always barked at me when I came come or left, even thought I was far enough they couldn’t possibly have any cause for concern. I’m sure that influenced my choice, too. I have a thing about neighbor dogs that bark at me when I’m in my own yard! (The thing: ‘if you can’t train your dog, you shouldn’t have one.” Of course, that comes from a guy who has cat-destroyed furniture!)

      • Our neighbor next door is a woman who doesn’t know how to talk. if worms come out of her mouth it’s in the form of yelling. She has a dog that’s the same way. He barks at me every time I go out into my driveway. If I ever get a dog it won’t be one that barks at every little thing.

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