28Jul22: base of the stand up fan…

Cats! It looks uncomfortable to me but Andy frequently rests and naps on the base of a stand up fan next to one of his kitty loungers.

Seventy-two days without a laptop. I deserve a medal or something. I know! How about a laptop?!

14 thoughts on “28Jul22: base of the stand up fan…

    • I used to think the late Dougy’s eyes were the prettier of the two brothers’ eyes, but it seems like Andy’s eyes are growing closer in color to Dougy’s the older he gets.

    • I talked with the repair guy and stayed in the shop when he tried to get the former landlord on the phone. She takes care if an elderly father, including his many properties, and has health issues of her own. I, on the other hand, have bad health and get around with difficulty We all bare our own crosses. I came across a saying once, a bit cynical: most people don’t care for your troubles and the rest are damn glad of them. It was attributed to a Nantucket sea captain. Lol!

  1. Andy does look very comfy! I suggest you buy a new laptop if you are able. They should not have yours for so long, sounds like a shady operation Doug.

    • Ironically, before I took the laptop in for repairs, I was headed to the credit union to transfer funds to checking so I could do just that.

      Keeping track of funds is harder on my smartphone than on my laptop, mostly because of screen size and password complications I have put off dealing with since it gulps to be able to send codes to the smartphone when trying to access accounts when change passwords. When I am doing this on just one device, I always mess up. 🙃

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