27Jul22: newspaper…

Poor Andy! I finally had it with all the magazines and newspapers scattered on the floor for his amusement.

The day the maintenance guys installed the new frontroom air conditioner, I did a quick pick-up job and cleared the floor of all the scattered “kitty beds”. 😺 (That’s how Andy used the magazines and newspapers. )

Andy clearly missed the clutter so I put out one magazine and one newspsper by the recliner.

Oh, I forgot Andy also likes to chase “mousies” and other things under newspapers. He’s looking for one as I type.

Day 72 since I put my laptop in for repairs….and I still don’t have the promised replacement.

19 thoughts on “27Jul22: newspaper…

    • I appreciate knowing you liked the posts even if uou can’t make it stick. Frankly, at this point, I barely function on my smartphone and haven’t done a lot of followup on things like how many people stopped by and other statistics you can access on WP. Maybe it has something to do with me using a new smartphone to do my posts of late.

    • John this is the sixth attempt to answer your question. I keep typing long answers, then accidentally hit the wrong key, wiping out everything I typed for minutes. Smartphone keyboards are not my friend.

      I visited him on person two days ago. I told him about a situation in the late 1970s where an idiot poured four quarts of oil in my Audi’s clutch housing, necessitating a repair that cost the 2022 dollar equivalent of $800 to fix. I got screwed in that situation, though promises were made to reimburse me for the cost of the repair. There are parallels to the laptop situation, which I made sure the repair guy was aware of and how that made me uneasy with the delay in replacing the floid-damaged one I left with him. In the oil change case, the person screwing me was in the oil business with his father, was screwing his father of 10s of thousands of dollars. He also was doing some black marketing of gasoline that, between that and the business with his father, ended him up on prison. As for the gas station. ⛽️ I made sure friends and family were aware of the oil change situation as it developed. My parents and nine others, six of whom commuted to work from out of town and bought a lot of gas at the station since they drove by it on the way to and from work, stopped doing business there. I made the 11th former customer. I emphasized how one unhappy customer can cost a business a significant amount of future business. He tried to get the former landlord on the phone but she didn’t answer. I will visit the shop and apply pressure till 💪 I get that damn laptop. I will continue updating the situation here and, through this blog, which gets posted on Facebook, too. I live in a small town – just over 8000 people – and poor customer relations can be death to a business that has competition both here and a larger town 57 miles away that many people go to anyway because of better service and prices.

      • My publisher/owner cousin Sharon probably would like me to say Andy’s favorite newspaper is the Grant County News. That’s currently the only actual paper I get. Others are by Internet.

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