09Apr23: Some chase scene, Doug!

So Paul Muni’s character, James Allen, steals a dump truck and uses it to escape from the chain gang a second time! Bullets twang on the dump truck bed and save the escapees from harm. Andy is amused!

“Did you see how those old jalopies careened around on that dirt road!?”

“Dynamite!” (Man, the chase is getting better all the time! Andy can’t believe how good this movie is!)

The good (?) guys are about to get a booming big surprise!

Hee! Hee!

Andy’s seen what he wanted to see and the movie is about over anyway.

“That was a good one, Doug! You need to watch more good movies like that one!”


I was a Fugitive from a Chain Gang is a pretty good 1930s movie! Paul Muni was some actor, capable of transforming himself into any character he was hired to portray. This particular movie proved to be more than entertainment.


20 thoughts on “09Apr23: Some chase scene, Doug!

  1. Man I love these old-time movies, Doug! And other Hollywood flicks like Rear Window! And so much more. ❤️☺️ Hey Andy, you have excellent taste in movies! 🐈🥰

    • Me, too! I remember seeing Rear Window in the theatre as a kid. I saw many films that probably weren’t suitable for kids back when they weren’t rated!

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