I was taken to hospital yesterday after shortness of breath and other symptoms prompted a post dialysis emergency room visit.

I’m in Scottsbluff at Regional West Hospital now, Room 185, 308.630.1474

While I feel reasonably well, I am in hospital for cardic edema, so will spend Sunday in dialysis and doing other therapies and tests.

Yes, Andy is in good hands! He knows Judy from when I was hospitalized in 2016 and she’s caring for him at our apartment.

50 thoughts on “Hospital

  1. Dear Doug, I am sorry to hear this, wishing you speedy recovery, you are a strong one, come back home soon. Hugs and Love, nia (If I were there I would visit you)

  2. Sending purrs and prayers that you are better soon ! We know you and Andy are in good hands but hope you are home together soon.

  3. Doug, take good care of yourself while Andy is being well taken care of. I hope the shortness of breath will stop and the rest will stabilise bro let you back home asap. Please take care xoxo

      • 😉 You got it, Douglas! I have already lost Duncan, that Grumpy Englishman, who might have died of cancer, as it has come back again. (Nobodysreadingme) And a few years back an elderly lady was unable to continue her blog with her cats shenanigans. I have also lost an American lawyer blogger who I quite liked, she just disappeared. So please, hang around a little while longer.

        • Sadly, this has happened several times for me, too. I had one satirical blogger friend who did these amazing collages that were dead on commentaries on the politics of the day. He stopped posting, abruptly, one day. Several weeks later, a family member posted a note telling us that the blogger friend had died of a heart attack on a certain date. That is almost the only time I recall a follow-up to explain the end of a blog. The recent end of Michel Fauquet’s delightful blog is another, and I appreciate Mme. Fauquet taking the time and effort to let us know how Michel’s last days were and to thank us for giving her husband our support over the years.

  4. Scary symptoms, good thing you went to the ER. I’m sure you’re getting good care – both you and Andy. I wonder if he will FaceTime with you? Hoping you’re on the mend and feel better very soon!

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