Post 1227: Friday, at last!

It’s been a fast week, in a slow way. It’s a paradox, one I can’t fathom.

Anyway, we started out with Andy getting kitty food at the usual time, but Dougy not showing up to help eat it. Andy, of course, finished both portions so that Dougy (who showed up three hours later – must have had a good sleep!) had nothing to eat.

He walked over to the food spot, came back to me on the glider, meowed plaintively, and I realized he was hungry for his daily morning wet kitty food!

What to do? Well, give him twice as much as usual since Andy already had twice as much as usual. I know they don’t compare notes, but I’d know. Yes, I’d know…!

Dougy came back to the glider licking his face and looking very sated!


What Dougy does after a snoot full of wet kitty food!img_20161007_072825-1

Yep! Sleep! Of course, he cleaned his fur after eating first.

30 thoughts on “Post 1227: Friday, at last!

  1. You just put the food down and the boys come arunnin’…usually. Mom makes sure we eat what we’re given but she’s thinkin’ she may try this putting food down and walking away. We don’t eat much of what she gives us lately. She wonders why and I’m thinkin’ if she didn’t hang around while we’re eating…we’d eat more.


      • They are different. I stretched my hand out last night and felt Shoko beside me so I started stroking her and she bit me! I thin I was accidentally stroking her stomach….that’s a no no but I couldn’t tell as I was partially asleep and couldn’t see in the dark. She drew blood for heavens sake. I was not impressed and went grumbling off to sleep.

        • Shame on Shoko! Andy will nip at me, but it is that kitty nip that means they like you. As for attacking me, I have accidentqally caused both ot=f them hurt by stepping on them, whatever, and they will hiss at me or scratch. Andy bit me once when i accidentally hurt him picking him up. I guess we all take that risk since each cat has his or her “thing” that upset them! Andy used to be a “don’t touch my tummy” cat, but is more than pleased and tolerant of that now.

  2. So funny – and what a beautiful photo !
    Better give food twice to the two, appetite is a good thing – and shows their vitality . Sometimes persians have a little appetite – amitiés – france
    Bon week-end 🙂

    • Yes, they are more like meatloaves than sentient beings sometimes! I am happy they enjoy their meals because not eating can mean serious health issues. Anyway, thank you francefougere!

      Oui, ils ressemblent plus à des pains de viande qu’à des êtres vivants parfois! Je suis heureux qu’ils apprécient leurs repas parce que ne pas manger peut signifier des problèmes de santé graves. Quoi qu’il en soit, merci francefougere!

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