Post 2106: temptation of the tummy…

I see it and have to touch it…

…and Dougy is not pleased!

I let him glare at me while I plan the next tummy attack.

Oops! I don’t notice the hind feet joining the action! This could be fatal for my hand!

Moments before all four paws grip my hand in the “Impossibly Painful To Endure Grip Of Hell Claws That Rip Into Hands That Don’t Mind Their Business “…. OUCH!

“I gave you warning,” Dougy tells me after releasing his grip.

Dougy returns to his catnap. That tummy is less inviting now.

18 thoughts on “Post 2106: temptation of the tummy…

    • Fortunately, neither Andy nor Dougy (usually) adds all claws into the moix because I usually guess better when they are in the mood for “scritching”!

    • Humiliated and chastened! LOL! (No blood was shed. Dougy used precisely measured extention and pressure in his assault. He knows that hand opens the kitty food after all! LOL!)

    • GThat it is! I’ve never been ablke to, and I’ve learned a lot about specific kitty preferences that way. My two are generally mild enoiugh tghat they tolerayte tummy “scritching”. I just caught Dougy in a rare mood.

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