12Feb22: I woke the kitty…

I found Andy sleeping in the washbasin and woke him up.

Bad me! He was in deep sleep at the time!

28 thoughts on “12Feb22: I woke the kitty…

  1. Cats seem to like anything that is remotely like a cardboard box, and they prefer the ones that are obviously too small. Even the risk of someone turning on the faucet does not daunt them!

    • LOL! Andy used to get frequent baths as a kitten-through-six-months because of diarrhea brought on by a tenacious parasite he and his littermates caught by eating infected grasshopper(s). When I even approach him in the sink, he’s out of there!

      • Wowsers. I had not heard of infected grasshoppers. The closest I came was when, as a kid, I showed my mother a dead roach that I had found. Petting it, I proclaimed “poor grasshopper”. Too young to remember that one personally.
        I certainly understand why Andy would quickly leave the premises. 🙂

        • Yes, there’s some parasite that gets into grasshopper guts through food they eat. When birds or cats eat the grasshoppers, they become the next stage of the parasite’s life. Their poop returns it to the vegetarian the grasshoppers eat. It’s a short cycle but works efficiently for the parasite.

          • I am going to keep my mouth shut when walking the fields. Parasites are highly evolved creatures, and efficiency is the name of the game. I’ve heard of the extent they’ll go to find a host, such as hitching a ride on one insect to arrive atop a blade of grass to increase their chance at finding a grass-chomping host.

          • I think that one is unlikely to affect us, but mosquito-borne West Nile Disease and tick-borne Lyme Disease are a couple of nasty ones we do get if not careful outdoors. I imagine prairie dog-borne Bubonic Plague and rodent-borne Hantavirus Virus are scary as well. Makes me want to hide inside!

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