01Jun23: Hint! Hint!

Andy marched in…


…gave me a message. Hint! Hint!

(A bit inscrutable, though. No idea what he wants.)


June already! Half the year gone or half to go when this month’s over. On the other hand, July 1st is the big day here because it’s Andy’s 12th birthday – and Canada’s 156th! Not to rush tthe year but that’s what’s on my mind this morning.


9 thoughts on “01Jun23: Hint! Hint!

  1. Wishing Andy, and you, many more birthdays to come, Doug.

    Hard to figure out what they want sometimes. The paw on the computer screen is a sign of an important message! 🙂

    • LOL! Andy knows how to really make ignoring him impossible, Lavinia! With all your kitties, I’m sure you’ve seen lots of this sort of behavior.

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