25Aug23: mug shots…

Getting Andy’s mug shot can be problematic.

Mine’s a bit easier, though I have to remember to flip it because I see myself as a mirror image most times, not the way I really look.

Then there’s this one. An indictment, a deadline to appear to be arrested, $200,000 bail, hundreds of miles of flying on a luxury private jet, a huge motorcade, a dozen Secret Service guards, a quiet delivery to a side door at the jail, a bit of paperwork, measuring height and weight, then ~ snap ~ ~ snap ~!

It’s a good likeness. Use it to get the children to quiet down and go to bed. It’s already available on a t-shirt and a hundred years from now, it will be in all the ancient history books. Or maybe you want it on a coffee mug. (Get it? “coffee mug“~ Tee hee!~ !)

25 thoughts on “25Aug23: mug shots…

  1. Good mug shots of you and Andy, although I can tell it’s a challenge to get one of him. Mine were little live wires yesterday and I didn’t get any good mug shots. As for that other mugger, well due to bad health I try to stay out of politics online, but I will say that fb is quite amusing today. (There are more liberals in AL than those in other regions think there are.)

    • (Not to imply that I don’t understand the sad and serious nature of all this, but living can be hard and it’s only human to want comic relief whenever possible.)

      • I needed to lighten my mood about it.

        I thought I’d have a Schadenfreude moment when he got this treatment. Instead I saw hate and fear in his face in his mug shot. I think he tried to appear tough and in charge of a hopeless situation, though in reality he was losing, that no lie would cover a guilty judgement if that is what comes of it in his future.

        As much as I dislike this person, I pray that he accepts his fate, that he does not suffer indignities too great to handle, that he understands he is the owner of his fate, and that he stepped into a trap of his own making. Why am I sad? That I don’t think he is capable of doing this, that he never had someone tell him that losing is part of living, that that is where opportunities to grow are.

    • I try to stay away from politics here, too, but this was needed today, for me at any rate, because this whole business has caused me great distress for all too long.

      I worry for our country when this man can have so many supporters when he is a terrible person, morally if no other way. I wouldn’t want him in my personal life.

      I will try to stay on the important themes of this blog now, kitty cat photos, kitty cat antics, a little autobiographical “stuff”, and things that strike my interest one day.

      Despite my dislike of this person, I realize many people have no issue with his behavior, voted for him twice (!?), will vote for him a third time, yet these are decent people who are friends. We remain friends by trying not to talk about him. Or the other guy who, yes, won the 2020 presidential election and got the most electoral votes.

        • It is awkward. I like John, who posts regularly and comments here, yet we are not in agreement on politics. His photography of the scenery around where he lives in Nevada is spectacular and his chili is legendary!

          • Indeed! I go way back with some and love them dearly. A few now avoid posts. When I used to post political, they often came to argue. I rarely went to argue with them. The one thing I did do when a friend had a discussion going saying black lives matter demonstrations we’re violent, was to chime in and say that there were peaceful demonstrations in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa.

    • He is not a nice man, John. He made several mistakes along the way that make him very vulnerable to legal actions, even prison for a variety of charges in four separate jurisdictions.

      Bad wrap? Sadly, I see a Dorian-Grayish man. That face is full of hate of others, fear for his fate. I thought I’d be doing my Schadenfreude Dance when I finally saw his mug shot, but, instead, I felt sad. Sad that a man with so many advantages in life “f”ed it up so badly, that there weren’t better role models in his life to tell him from time to time, “Don, it isn’t how many times you win the game, it’s how you deal with the lost ones.”

      He is a lost soul, a man who is about to suffer the worst humiliations and torments possible, ALL BECAUSE HE DID BAD THINGS!

      If you or I did what he did, we’d be jailed in no time.

        • I was a registered Republican for years. After Reagan, maybe – I don’t recall exactly – I didn’t feel like that party represented my best interests, but neither did the other one. I’ve been registered as “Unaffiliated” here for years. (“Independent” is a legal party in this state, though they make no dent in the pile.)

          I vote for the person these days, which means doing more reading up on candidates than in past. I like ones with experience in government, not novices, and those with a record of support for some of various things important to me and a reputation for working across party lines to do the business they were elected to do.

          • Politics just make me angry, Doug. I might not vote in the next election. It never makes a hill of beans difference. I am ashamed of Washington.

          • I fight the urge to toss in the towel on voting myself, John. I don’t think we get good value for the money. I know I will vote anyway, but wonder many times “why?”

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