Post 2089: siesta de gato

Kedi şekerleme


No matter how you write it, the kitty boys pooped out this afternoon and took one: Cat nap!

22 thoughts on “Post 2089: siesta de gato

  1. Turkish and German languages !. I see you have been disturbed by the cats’ poops ! 🙂
    I thank you, Doug, for the links you sent to me about Ritter ‘ s road skates . This is precious. You are kind to have used your time to search those informations.
    Thank you
    In friendship

    • You’re welcome, Michel! I am very interested in many things, and this particular transportation mode was one I didn’t realize went back to the end ogf the 19th Century! It didn’t take any significant amoujnt of time to locate those links.

    • I agree! Now that I’m retired, I take naps whe n I feel tired. Quite an improvement over when I was working still and had to slog through the afternoon, barelhy able to keep my eyhes open. Ha!

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