Post 1918: the hunt…

Dougy spots a fly over in the doorway to the guest bedroom. The hunt is on! Sneaky fly! Now it’s by the television.

I think Dougy missed another sneaky fly maneuver…it’s over in the corner now. The hunt is off for the moment till the fly reveals itself again!

15 thoughts on “Post 1918: the hunt…

  1. You have flies? You lucky kitty. Our flies have headed elsewhere months ago. A well stalked fly is a joy to behold. When the sucker hides, he’s not playing the game properly and deserves to be eaten. Keep up the good work Dougy.

    Tyebe and Shoko

    • I have no idea where the fly came from. It;’s been too cool lately for the little buggers. I agree about the worthiness of the fly to become a snack! Hate the dang things, though they give the kitty boys lots of fun and interesting times.

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