Post 2019: over-worked…

You know I’ve over-worked the kitty boys when I have to dig into the archives for something “new”. If you’ve been around long enough, you know this kitty is Louie the ginger cat as his alter ego, Captain Me-Ow. Louie was a great kitty, and I miss him still. Yet, his death lead to me getting Andy and Dougy….

Before the kitty boys discovered the recliner back as a perfect place to roost and sleep, Louie the ginger cat made use of it.

Louie loved to take cat walks…most times! He was a rescue kitty and was used to being inside and out. Unlike Andy and Dougy, I could trust him to take care of himself . I did start walking with him, however, after I did it once and discovered he wandered farther from home than I realized: He needed a little supervision!

I had a lot to learn about cats when I first got Louie. For example, how to recognize a neutered male from a female cat…! LOL! Till I took Louie to the veterinarian’s to be spayed, I thought he was a female cat, so named him “Lucy”, after Lucille Ball, another red-haired comedian. (Louie was a comedian cat!) When the technician told me Louie was a neutered male, I was surprised, of course, but relieved I didn’t have to spend any money that day. But I had to come up with a name for “Lucy” more appropriate a male kitty boy. Yep! So I named him after another Kool Kat, Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong.

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  1. We also had a ginger cat–what we call a red cat. In fact, his name was Big Ol’ Red Cat. He’d been a stray and we knew he was a he, but we did ask the vet about neutering him and were, um, mildly embarrassed to find out he’d already lost the relevant parts.

    Like your ginger, he was a clown. The vet swore it went with the coloring. I still miss him.

    • Ginger cats are supposedly not particularly special in the sense of being a pedigreed breed, yet every ginger kitty I’ve know was a clown and very affectionate! That certtainly seems to hold true of our experience with these lovely cats, too. Louie was a great cat to have around, he was such a clown! In some senses, he was more dog-like in his behavior, buit he definitely was a cat when a cat ws needed.

      I(‘m glad I am not the only one who can’t tell a neutered male from a female cat! LOL! Makes you feel kind of naive when someone straightens you out, doesn’t it? My credibility was screwed, however, when I made the same mistake a second time!

    • He had anger issues with other cats, unfortunately. I think it was because he apparently was a cat his previous owner let spend time outside. He was territorial, and would try to beat up cats that came into his territory. On the h=other hand, he was a sweetie pie with people! He weighed nearly 24 pounds/10.9 kilograms, but thought he was a lap cat. I qiuickly learned to put a pillow on my lap when I was sitting down because that much cat landing unexpectedly on your lap could be, um, devastating! He was an easy-to-purr kitty, a charming cat. I loved taking walks with him, letting him decide the path.

    • Actually, he was a very well-behaved kitty. unlike Dougy and Andy! Someone had him before me (he was neutered afterall!) and they apparently knew a thing of two about teaching cats to be good indoor guests because Louie never did things like scratch on furniture or forget to use the litterbox.

    • I love ginger tabby cats! I thought Louie was an exceptionallyh pretty version of the type. My only regret is I didn’t have him as a kitty. He came to me from the animal sheltert at age five, by his veterinarian’s estimate.

    • Louie liked to sleep on muy computer chair, and the base photo is of him doiung that. It was taken in a low light. After I posted it on another site, a friend in New Zealand used Microsoft Paint to give Louie his super hero costume. I was so charmed, I had it put on coffee mugs. I sent one to my friend in New Zealand amd two to another friend who came up with the name “Captain Me-Ow”. I have an enlargement handing in my front room, and it reminds me every day about the cat that was, Louie!

  2. The picture and videos and words tell the story of Louie so well, Doug. What a magnificent cat he was! I understand about still missing him, I miss so many, too.

    • He was a wewll-behaved kitty. I suspect the person who had him before I got him had regrets they didn’t take better care to assure he could be found and returned to them. I had him checked for a microchip (none), and he had been at the animal shelter for some time when I got him. All the time I had him, I had a dread someone would come out of the woodworks to claim him, but it never happened. That’s why I had Andy and Dougy micrchipped. I’d hate to lose them.

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