Post 764: a knock on the door…

There was a knock on the door yesterday afternoon. I was on my computer, responding to comments left on my blog when it came. I wasn’t expecting anyone, so was very curious about who might be there.

When I opened the door, it was my neighbor from across the lane, holding something in his hand. He explained he and his wife were headed for Minnesota for the rest of the month, that the parking space they use would be available to my neighbor in the other end of this duplex. He just wanted me to know she’d been told she could park there.

Then he handed me what was in his hand — strawberry shortcake. It was for being a good neighbor, which I protested was being charitable…!

Not only was it HUGE, it was as delicious as it looks!

Not only was it HUGE, it was as delicious as it looks!

You can be sure there were little eyes watching all of this, and two of them perched on the back of the recliner, behind my computer chair.

Andy didn't miss a thing.  Further, he was sure this strawberry shortcake surely was kitty food!

Andy didn’t miss a thing.
Further, he was certain this strawberry shortcake surely was kitty food!

Any of you with cats know eating food is fascination of a high order to cats, and they expect their fair share of whatever you might have on your plate.

A dark day in kittydom: The human ate all of the food! How rude!

A dark day in kittydom: The human ate all of the food! How rude!

34 thoughts on “Post 764: a knock on the door…

  1. Probably a good thing they didn’t bring fried chicken… one of my cats can smell it three blocks away and is ready with knife and fork when I open the front door!

  2. Well, that was very kind of your neighbor. I am glad you enjoyed it! There is nothing like fresh strawberries over sponge cake smothered in whipped cream.
    Call me a cynic but a second visit with spaghetti? My suspicions would be roused especially if this is the neighbor who took your parking spot. Of course, I could be way off base here but I am only going by my own experience.
    I once lived next to this party girl and she and her daddy popped over with the offering of 3/4 of a sugar free apple pie. She was tired of me complaining about her loud parties and calling the police for underage drinking so she thought she would buy me off with a disgusting pie.
    I love my neighbors now that I have moved far away from party girl. Good luck with your neighbors and I hope their offerings are truly altruistic.

    • He brought over spaghetti today, but I had to pass. I’ve had spaghetti twice already this week, and have moire left in the refrigerator! I thanks him the same.

  3. Nice neighbor. My cats show up when I eat, too, which is usually in front of the computer. They don’t so much want some of it as to just be in my face and have more importance than the food. They will sometimes lick the plate or bowl when I’m done, though.

    • I was a fraid Andy would lick the whipped cream, which falls into the category of “not for kitties food” because of the sugar and the fact most adult cats are lactose-intolerant. Having cleaned up enough cat diarrhea in my time, I don’t do anything that might bring it on!

    • This is the one who moved in and took my old parking spot…! We talked about that, and he and his wife aren’t the problem. I’m adjusting to the new spot, which is just a short distance farther from my door, not a problem most days. And I don’t go somewhere in my car every day. The inconvenience is minimal in the end, though I still feel a parking spot on the same lot as my apartment would be better.

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