30Aug23: resistance is futile…

Andy feels it coming on.


“Must resist! I’ve important kitty bizzznezzzz!”


Resistance is futile, my kitty!


I like being retired because I can take a nap when it hits me. Today, for example, a short time after noon, I felt bone tired. I’ve learned to get into bed when this happens or I’ll fall asleep in a chair, then wake up stiff and sore a few hours later. Andy, on the other hand, finds his recliner naps just right!


23 thoughts on “30Aug23: resistance is futile…

  1. Age is finally catching me up. About 2:00 PM I need either an energy drink, a cup of coffee or a nap. On the other hand it might be the cats waking me at 4:00AM in the first place so I will play when they want to and nap when they want to.

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