22Oct23: Greenies, teasing the kitty, then a nap….

Andy will have his Greenies!

“Don’t point that thing at me!” It works both ways, Andrew….

~ Beep! Boop! ~

Nap time is inevitable.


Andy’s groomer is ending her service as soon as all current appointments are taken care of. She has medical reasons to do so. Andy’s last appointment is the 17th of November. After that, I think I will let Andy go “full Persian” instead of trying to find a new groomer.

His current groomer picks Andy up at my apartment, a convenience that can’t be minimized as I have disabilities that make the process of catching Andy, putting him in a carrier, then transporting him to a groomer a tedious job now that I also have to deal with an oxygen tank and tubing!

He hates being brushed, but that will be his price for a full Persian coat if he isn’t to be full of matted hair. I think he will be beautiful if pissed all the time. LOL!

22 thoughts on “22Oct23: Greenies, teasing the kitty, then a nap….

    • There is no such person in town. In the village 20 miles north of here, there’s a mobile groomer, but I doubt they come to Alliance or groom cats.

        • There’s a preview of Andy and the late Dougy right before they got a grooming session one half year past their normal schedule when their old groomer retired and the shop manager went to all dog grooming, to hell with their loyal cat customer. Oh well, grooming cats is a different skill and set of risks, I guess. To point, that was the longest their hair had been in seven years and nearly full Persian length.

  1. I am sorry you are losing your kitty groomer, Doug. Andy will look good full smoky Persian. You may have to work at his coat a little every day. Good luck there! Wynken is our longhaired kitty, and I am lucky her fur does not tangle easily. Still, she needs a good work over or she ingests it grooming herself, and upchucks it later. I work her a little every day so grooming is not traumatic to either of us.

  2. It will be time for new contract negotiations – more greenies for the inconvenience of brushing – organized feline labor demands a fair contract. My cats and dog are all Teamsters ( as was I once), and the new negotiation team are tough characters. My advice is to meet the demands!

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