23Oct23: retro kitties….

Dougy (left) and Andy try to get bug. (2020)

Dougy (left) and Andy on bug hunt. Dougy would die three weeks later, nine years and two weeks old, in circumstances never determined. He is missed because he was a comedian and naughty kitty. (2020)

Dougy on recliner. His horns are up!

Dougy on end table in guest bedroom. This is Andy territory… and Dougy didn’t care!

Dougy was a handsome kitty with beautiful orange eyes I rarely captured in photos.


I came across Dougy photos in old posts. I’m sharing them with those who weren’t around as subscribers when he was alive. I mention him from time to time, so I should show him, too. Andy and Dougy chasing bugs is a favorite memory I have of the kitty brothers. The one in my header of Andy stalking Dougy is another time that makes me smile.

25 thoughts on “23Oct23: retro kitties….

  1. Dougy was a handsome kitty, Doug. He had lots of personality, too. I know well the feeling of shock when one of them went, even when I knew it was coming. Take comfort in the memories of this dear kitty. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    • Me, too. I expected both kitties to be around for a long time. Dougy’s death was a shock, especially since he showed no symptoms of illness. I think he may have injured himself running into something as there was a little blood on the tip of his nose.

  2. We love that header of the brothers staking each other It was nice to see pictures of sweet Dougy ! Purrs to all who miss him.!

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