Post 491: tub cat

Dougy is a funny cat.

All I have to do to get Dougy to hop into his favorite cat fort feature, the salmon-colored tub, is to walk into the kitchen.

He assumes we are about to play, and he plans on playing from the comfort of his tub.

He waits...

He waits…

Maybe I just wanted to wash the dishes. Or start dinner. Or check for mail.

And waits...

And waits…

There’ll he be! In his tub, posed in this semi-upright position and poised to pounce, if I get the hint!

And waits...!

And waits…!

He is my tub cat! Poor kitty.

I should get off the dang computer and bond with my kitties in playtime. You know what they say: Idle paws are the devil’s workshop.

10 thoughts on “Post 491: tub cat

  1. Dougy is so cute! I love it that he has trained you to play with him đŸ™‚ So sweet! My cat, Manna, has my husband trained to play with her too. She knows just how to get him to get down on the floor and “wrestle.” If he makes a certain gesture towards her or sits on the floor, she will immediately flop over on the ground.

    • The boys’ predecessor, the late great Louie the Ginger cat was just two or three ounces short of 24 pounds. I could wrestle with him and not feel I was out of line (and he loved it!), but the boys are small cats in the 10-11 pound range. If I don’t get down on the floor and wrestle with them, I do “ruffle their fur” for effect and reactions. Ha! Of course, they have claws and teeth to make up for lack of bulk. I love the image of you cat working cat magic so she can wrestle your husband!

    • That’s how he strikes me when he does this, too! He always looks so serious, and the pose reminds me of the Great Horned Owl (which Persian cat faces look something like). For that matter, he moves very much like a Great Horned Owl chick in the nest does when you approach the nest: minimal body movement, but the head (and eyes) are constantly on you, making sure they are prepared for your next move. When Dougy dopes this tub thing, I find him so irresistibly cute, I have to stop by to muss up his head hair. Poor kitty.

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