Post 2031: It’s the human’s fault..!

It was a bonanza day for two fans of “My Cat From Hell“. They showed hours worth of old programs, one after another!

Dougy thought, “I can do that!” Doug (the human) thought, ” Maybe it isn’t a good idea to let Dougy watch this program, let alone one after another.”

“Good!” Doug (the human) thought. “They’ve added features on good kitties. Maybe Dougy will pick up on good behavior instead.”

I can’t believe that wimpy cat!” Dougy isn’t impressed with the good kitty. Uh oh!

22 thoughts on “Post 2031: It’s the human’s fault..!

        • He’s the cat behaviorist on “My Cat From Hell”. He goes into homes with problem cats, establishes what is behind their bad behavior, gives the humans exercises and directions for change, comes back a few weeks later, accesses the success/failure of the humans to help their kitty become a good citizen, and (to my best knowledge) has never had a failure, though some cats look like lost causes. He also is a rock and roll musician, which explains the weird hair and all the tattoos. He had videos on YouTube, books, and cat toys on the market, I believe. He came to this “job” by working in a kill shelter, where problem cats ended up euthanized, a job he had the unfortunate responsibvility to do. It inspired him to this new job of analyzing cat behavior problems and saving some really tough situations where couples were on the verge of breaking up if the cat didn’t change through Galaxy’s direction or the cat was going to be returned to a shelter, fate not too rosy.

    • I tend to agree, though it would be nice to be able to have nice furniture again. Double-sided tape apparently works better than a can with pennies in it or water in a spray bottle, but it is too late for the foldout sofa, the ottoman, my fancy computer chair, the settee that had to be trashed, the… you get the picture!

    • I think so, too. If nothing else, it makes my two look like saints. (Andy, coincidentally, is named after the patron saint of Scotland, the apostle St. Andrew. It’s a nod to the family’s Scottish origins.) Dougy is named after me, of course, and I’m no saint!

  1. My kitten loves this show. He will sit quietly on the couch and watch it. Thankfully he hasn’t tried to imitate bad behavior.

    • LOL! Dougy love, love, loves the show. Andy prefers videos designed to amuse cats, though he will watch movies with me. He prefers foreign films for some reason.

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