15Ju21: Dougy

On this sad day one year ago, Dougy died. I named him after me, a family in joke too involved to explain. I don’t feel like telling a joke today anyway. He was a comedian, an explorer, a loveable kitty boy who is missed by his brother Andy and me each and every day.


July 1, 2011 – July 15, 2020


14Jul21: for the birds…

Lots of excitement for Dougy!

Now it’s Andy’s turn for excitement!

Then the kitty boys missed a “good one”…!


13Jul21: some birdwatchers on the job; boxes, boxes, boxes…

Andy gives up on watching the birds, then a big juicy American robin stops by the bird bath.

Cleaning up!

I eventually learned boxes a nd cats go well together!

Twenty minutes at the back door, both Andy and Dougy eventually spend door time.




12Jul21: purr!…purr!…purr!

Andy purrs in his sleep sometimes. Don’t you wish you could know what he dreamt about just then…?

Cute, but the snoring is a result of being born with a “smooshed” Persian face.

Cats like the birds, too. Hee! Hee!


11Jul21: …including Dougy cleaning up after a bath

Poor kitty! The kitty boys had lots of baths as kittens, thanks to an intestinal bug caught eating an infected grasshopper. Of course, Persian “floof” also catches “stuff”, and water is the easiest way to get it out of a kitty boy’s fur. It also pointed to the need for hair cuts for hygienic reasons.

Dougy had a better day in this video!

Dougy in front, of course. 



10Jul21: more early videos of Andy and Dougy…

Typical Andy and Dougy behaviors! Andy always stayed in one place and Dougy wanted to explore! The kitty brothers were just a bit over five months old in this video. Their eye colors were set, and you can appreciate Dougy’s beautiful copper -colored eyes since he makes closeups at various times. Their Persian coats are starting to be more typical.

This bathroom window is a cat favorite in this home. The yellow heirloom climbing rose just outside the window is a favorite hang out for birds, so…!

Weren’t they handsome teenagers?! 

Classic Andrew James Thomas behavior. If you can’t take the pain, don’t touch his tummy!  Boy, were they wound up that day! Reminds me of that earlier video when they were really little and Dougy couldn’t resist Andy’s tail! What goes around comes around, eh?!


I wasn’t aware I was doing it, but these recent postings of videos are a bit of a tribute to my late kitty, Dougy, who would die on July 15th last year, just two weeks after Andy and Dougy’s ninth birthday The first anniversary of his passing is around the corner and Andy and I miss his ornery, comedic, exploratory self. These videos remind me of what a fun cat he was, how handsome he was, how extraordinary his copper-colored eyes were. Because they were brothers and I raised both from kittenhood, I always thought of them as Andy-and-Dougy, one being almost, always to be together. RIP Dougy. The last two videos show how they were brothers together, squabbling, playing, being kitty boys~!

Yes, he slipped out the door when I was checking the snowfall and went exploring and I didn’t miss him till hours later.






09Jul21: Andy plays and the veterinarian’s is a big part of the kitty boy’s early times.

Andy always liked playing with cylindrical objects. A straw, pen, or pencil fascinates my kitty! 

Dougy missed his brother when he was being held at the clinic. 

Dougy was at the clinic, too, being watched for an intestinal infection both kittens had early on. I’d go down to the clinic to see the kittens, and this was visiting day for Dougy. He was upset by the bulldog pup you hear in the background. Later in life, perhaps because of early exposure to the sights and sounds of dogs, neither Andy nor Dougy reacted negatively to them when they were at the clinic.  

08Jul21: more Andy & Dougy kitten videos

I have to admit: I teared up when Dougy makes an early appearance in this video. Gad, he was a cutey! And he was ornery from an early age. Andy was really cute, too, but he always was the “nice” kitten.

You probably have seen this one more than once if you’ve followed this blog very long. It is one of my Top Ten Favorites videos of the kitten brothers. Oh well! It’s still fun watching a naughty Dougy start his career as a destroyer of furniture and Andy his of being a good kitty!

“Oldtimers”, again, will be familiar with this other Top Ten Favorite. Andy and Dougy were exceptionally cute in this video, and I feel joy seeing the kitten brothers when they were so young and playful! They continued to be close throughout life. Andy and I miss our little buddy, Dougy, still. He was a fun kitty boy, a little comedian and explorer.   






07Jul21: more early videos of Andy and Dougy…

What’s worse than washing your cat? Washing two kitties!

Kitten food time!

Andy and Dougy, kittens at play!

06Jul21: “Mine!”

When Andy sleeps on the floor – along with messing up my “to read” pile… –

…he anchors himself on his new scratching post.