Post 1991: Dougy gets his kitty on… again!

Temptation comes to Dougy’s door…

…well, technically, his box! During his eye issues, he had little interest in kitty games, but now that his eyes are OK, he is getting his kitty on again.

Of course, in the low light, depth of field and kitty pre-attack wiggle assure you can’t get a good look at Dougy on the hunt. 

Take my word for it, this is a fierce wildcat on the hunt, no matter how cute the wiggle!


Post 1990: Andy finds fault…

He often just comes around and roosts on the recliner arm.

I’m usually on the laptop. I think he wants me to put kitty videos on, which sometimes I do.

But not always…

…and Andy finds fault in that.

Post 1989: morning has come again…

Dougy had his “Crazy Run” – you cat people know what I mean! – and settled down to watch the movie.

“I thought you said it was Mozart!” Dougy whined. (He love, love, loves Mozart’s “Die Zauberflöte” and Papageno is his favorite character, of course!) Off to the guest bedroom to sulk.

Andy, in the meantime, thinks I don’t know where he’s “hiding”. Yes, it must be “Kitty Medicine Time”!


For you who are unfamiliar with “Die Zauberflöte” here is a video in the spirit of the Papageno character:  

Post 1988: I’m minding my own business when…

I’m minding my own business when…

…a fuzzy presence pops up out of nowhere.

“What is it, kitty boy? Cat’s got yer tongue??” He is trying to tell me something, Andy is!

“Timmy’s in the well?” Andy’s body language seems to suggest I look at the clock. What?! What interest does a kitty boy have in clocks?

Oh yeah! I forgot about kitty clock time: Andy’s trying to tell me it’s lunch time. His horns are up! It’s “Kitty Food O’clock”!

Post 1985: upset…!

Dougy’s upset with me. I ignored him, he thinks, but I was trying to turn off my laptop so I could “scritch” his eats without that weight on my lap.

“Dougy…” He hears me but is ignoring me. Oh! Oh! He’s upset!

He turns toward me, if but a little. Still upset!

“Dougy….” Wow! He’s really upset with me this time!

Dougy finally “let” me rub his head and “scritch” his ears. All’s forgiven and Dougy is in a good mood again!

Post 1984: slowly starting our day…

Dougy sneaks up on me. Next, he rubs on my legs and I stroke his back and tail while he weaves back and forth. Never fails! It’s our morning ritual.

Andy sneaks up from the side and roosts on the recliner back. He wants to know if I’m going to give him kitty medicine, so his trust level is low!

Once he’s decided he can trust me, it’s over to the recliner arm closer to me so I can rub his head and ears. Purr, purr, purr! (Then I give him his kitty medicine. LOL!)

Post 1983: Minding his business, then…!

Dougy is minding his own business when…

…an annoyance drops in his face!

He tries to ignore it.

And he does a good job of it, though now there is no chance of sleeping.

Woo hoo! Let’s clean up!