Post 607: a tale of revenge most foul

Andy oftentimes sleeps on top of the washing machine, which is in my bathroom. For that reason, if I need to use the toilet in the night, I navigate in the dark, using only night lights to guide the way. Night lights work to a point. Last night, I stepped onto something wet and clammy right in the doorway of my bedroom, one place the night lights don’t cover.

When you have two cats, that can be one of three things, none of which you want to have attached to the bottom of your foot!  Dougy was stretched out nearby because black cats always should be stretched out in dark places where you can’t see them, so I blame him for the offering: a nice juicy hairball!

Oops! I woke my sleepy boywith the flash. Sorry, Andy!

Oops! I woke my sleepy boy with the flash. Sorry, Andy! (He’s so sweet when he just wakes up, though. Soft, warm, and fuzzy sweet. Wish I woke up that happy every time!)

Seriously, when the alternatives are considered, a hairball is the least objectionable thing to find in the dark with your bare foot.

I know. I’ve stepped in all three!

“Hi there, boy!” I said, leaning over to scritch Dougy’s head. He doesn’t barf hairball often. I do brush him regularly and feed him food meant to minimize hairballs. Still, they occasionally do come up, always on the carpet, and usually where I walk. Yep! Night time horrors.

 Dougy is so sweet, though. He looks up at you with innocence written across his face.

“Oh, did I leave that where you walk?! So-o-o-rry!” Aw!


 Dougy is my little buddy when I play on the computer, as you may know if you follow this blog. He’s been this way since kittenhood, when he’d sleep along my arm, his little paw draped over my wrist. The spot where he sleeps is what’s known in cat circles as “MINE!” He and Andy have had cat wars over that spot.

Though he’s much too big now for his favorite spot, which is where I rest my arm to use my mouse, he still sleeps there. I have to assert my claim to that space, but he is tenacious.

He sleeps, Dougy does, where I rest my arm to use the mouse.

Dougy challenges me to try to take “his” spot.

"What?! Don't you see I'm asleep?"

“Hey! I’m trying to sleep here! Yes, HERE!”

"Come on, now! Live and let live!"

“I know where you sleep! I know your nocturnal habits! I will fix your wagon!”

So I do.

“It will be big. It will be hairy. It will get you in the night!”

Dougy was true to his word: Hairball!

26 thoughts on “Post 607: a tale of revenge most foul

  1. At least it was your foot and not your head. My brother’s wife was working in the kitchen one day, and heard my brother screaming, “…NOOOOOOO!”. He was taking a nap and woke up just in time to see the cat upchecking on his head.

    • Later that day, Dougy left another little gift on the floor — something that hung onto his tail feathers, then fell off in the kitchen…. I kept thinking, “Only one more thing left to do….”)

  2. But I bet you see a villain in him for all the wrong reasons – that slimeball in your way should have gone in your shoe, of course – on the night of the 6th December St. Nick gives small presents and usually leaves them in shoes. Of course, if you walk barefeeted, what was he to do?

  3. Aww yes we both own stock in the nigh light companies, and like your boys, Ali never lays somewhere safe, but always in the middle of my path where I can not see her.
    Oh man I have had those nasty hairball nights myself but not for a while thank God, and I hope I have not spoken to soon.
    Well I guess revenge is sweet for Dougy but cold and slime of you.
    Bet that boy will be allowed to keep his spot form now on with no argument.

    • You got that right, Ruth! And I will address him as “Mr. Dougy”, set out exactly 18 kitty treats at precisely 9:30 AM…or else. We negotiated this under duress and threat from the “Throat-ripping Razor Claws of Hideous Death”. Dougy, um, “Mr . Dougy” is very persuasive!

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