Post 2061: how it happens…

The kitty boys do require…

…lots of maintenance to come to you pretty and adorable!


8 thoughts on “Post 2061: how it happens…

    • I feel the same about you! You look like siblings from another mother! The first time your posts showed up on my Reader, I did a double take. I swear you and the kitty boys are identical in all regards!

    • The longer hair now is especially appealing, though it is difficult to keep up with brushing and mats. Their next grooming appointment is the middle of May. I think I’ll have Atghena, their groomer, give them a short summer cut instead of keeping up with the longer hair.

    • C’est un truc, je sais, car Andy n’est pas non plus ravi d’être frôlé. D’habitude, je le prends et le brosse du mieux que je peux lorsqu’il est sur mes genoux. J’utilise un pinceau de toilettage recommandé par le toiletteur, le même qu’elle utilise.

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