Post 1421: Andy’s chair…for now!

Andy knows he “owns” the recliner as long as Dougy’s not around! On the other hand, there have been times the kitty brothers shared the recliner.

Um…not this time.

Well, maybe they don’t share as much as I thought!

Why, the little poop!

Much better!

Awww! My little angels!

24 thoughts on “Post 1421: Andy’s chair…for now!

  1. Andy and Dougy are very sweet! Our cats love their favorite furniture too, and do not want another cat to come up and share! Sometimes the piece of “furniture” they are defending is the top of my head when I am trying to sleep. And then there are those peaceful moments when they do. 🙂

    • I can appreciate that. Retirement opens up opportunities (like the time…) to do that! Dougy and Andy have their moments. but often enough, if I’m in the recliner, both can share it and me by strategic positioning on the arms, back, or foot rest. Dougy usually takes the foot rest, which is within hopping distance of the ottoman he claims, and Andy takes on of the other spots. Whew1 It’s so tricky being a kitty cat!

    • The difference in how the kitties look in photos is partly because of lighting, and partly because of what I did in editing to try to bring the best rendition of their colors up. The to brothers are black, with an undercoat of light grey. A lot of times, they look different when the sun hits them a certain way. I can see Birman features (black on head, legs, tail; grey elsewhere) sometimes in certain light. It’s difficult to take photos of them and have true colors.

    • Actually, they will share the recliner for long periods if they select their roosting spots carefully. Andy might chose the top of the back, and Dougy the seat with no further competition, for example. Also, if I’m in the recliner, both kitty boys will join me there with no problem.

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