21Jan23: Andy’s favorite kitty, Tashi, and more snow complications resolved…

“What’s on your agenda today, Andrew?”

Andy notes he likes Tashi the Bombay kitty. Deborah, Tashi’s human, says Tashi makes her laugh out loud! I’ve been following Tashi on Facebook and I know what Deborah means!


I recommend taking a look at Tashi’s Facebook posts! So does Andy.


I needed groceries yesterday but had the complication of snow.

I typically drive up on the grass to get closer to the door. If I had to carry them from the parking spot, I’d be in deep “stuff”: I just don’t have the “umph” to do that trek any longer. The alternative yesterday was to risk getting stuck in the snow from two storms.

The neighbor’s van was stuck halfway on her parking spot and halfway on the lane the day before, thanks to the “drift” caused by the plow blocking the end of her parking spot, another reason I back into mine after a snowstorm. Front wheel drive usually is enough to get me over those piles of snow.  You can see (above) the north half of my “driveway” to put away my groceries and part of my sidewalk on the lower far left where I try to have the hatch of my car positioned to get the groceries out. The VW has a plate on the underside, and that proves to be a good thing when plowing through a snow drift!

“Is the snow too deep or likely to compact so much I get bogged down in it? Or do those Michelin radial all season tires get me through, as their advertisements promise and suggest?” I thought to myself. 

You can see how much deeper the snow was on the south side and why I fishtailed! If I hadn’t run over the snow three times before hand, I probably would have gotten stuck. (It seems I did get stuck once!)

I took a test run. OK. I got through. I took a second test run, driving closer to the front door and into deeper snow. OK. I got through with a bit of fishtailing toward the end. 

The parking spots were cleared enough that I was able to drive in instead of back up into my spot and still have room on the driver’s side to step out onto paving, not a three-foot-deep drift!

A third test run served to clear a place to step once I returned and parked, a spot I hoped to get out of after I took the groceries in. It was a bit scary, though, because I fishtailed a bit plus that scary icon on my dash indicating my tires were losing contact because of ice came on. All went well, though, and the groceries are put away.


15Nov22: Deborah brings Tashi home!

Tashi Norbu the Bombay kitten!

My friend Deborah just picked up her new kitten in Nova Scotia! Tashi was born 4 August. 

Deborah writes: Tashi is very social and sweet.  He’s pretty vocal too, which makes it easy to locate him.  We’re headed to Saint Stephen this morning — about six hours drive.

Deborah still has a long drive home of 533 miles/ 858 kilometers, yet it will be a joyful trip since her new kitten will give her kitties Louis and André a new companion.


Andy continues to hide in the same easy-to-catch spot just in the door of the guest bedroom.  I hope he never changes this spot, though he probably will in time. It’s nice to be get the medication done in short order! Poor kitty.