Post 1669: Andy on high alert…


“Horns” up, a look of such intensity you want to look away from Andy, but…


…it’s just a prelude to a vigorous daily grooming session.


14 thoughts on “Post 1669: Andy on high alert…

  1. Andy is frightend inthinkinggs he is going to be shaved like a sheep! 🙂
    THIS BEING SAID FORGIBVE ME TO BE SO LATE , DOUG. This week has been fulfilled and the needed dialysis is coming . This is needed because I feel tired with difficulty to walk. So I took a rest.
    Thanks for your two comments . I replied.
    In friendship

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    • No problem, Michel. I understand how exhausted one becomes if you need dialysis and haven’t received it. When I was hospitalized prior to learning I had end term kidney failure, I’d take a step, then have to spend a couple minutes or so catching my breath. I was fortunate to have a friend show up and take care of calling the ambulance! One feels much better after dialysis, though some people have upset stomachs. I’ve never had that problem, though I’ve had cramps in my legs and hands if they took too much fluid off.

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      • C’est l’effet de l’accumulation d’urée dans votre sang. J’espère que vous prenez soin d’elle. Vous avez mentionné la dialyse, mais pas si c’était quelque chose que vous êtes tout le temps. En ce qui concerne la fatigue, je me sens personnellement très fatigué après la dialyse et je finis généralement par faire une sieste l’après-midi les jours de dialyse.


    • Me, too! The first time I noticed them, I had to laugh because the kitty (Dougy) was being naughty at the time. Of course, they appear spontaneously when either kitty becomes excited about something. Short-haired cats don’t have horns, just wrinkled scalps, under the same situations.


    • That would excite him for sure! They aren’t common where I live, though there are parts of this town where they are very common. We see more cottontail bunnies here, but mostly at night. I suspect that is what Andy is watching when I see him sitting on the window sill at night.


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