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Sorry, but I have a really sour stomach today. I cancelled one plan to get together with old friends at a new restaurant. I just didn’t think I could handle food, no matter how good. In fact, just writing “food” brought about an involuntary gurgle in my stomach, a rebellion I’ve been fighting for a day now.

In lieu of anything, though, I am posting a Dougy photo. He’s my main boy, you know. He worries if I don’t get out of bed fast enough for him, and he will hang out with me until he’s sure I’m, erm, “not dead”!!

It’s a good one of him, I think, amazingly, since I only made one shot of him today, and it turned out to be dang decent. All I can figure is Dougy felt sorry for me. LOL!dougy 121015

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    • I joined you this morning with my own bloody mess: a nose bleed that I’ve been dealing with off and on all morning. My chronic disease is vascular in nature, and I’m a bit concerned I might have an active case of it again after 10 years. Ugh! With luck, though, I just blew my nose too hard and ruptured a vessel. I can’t remember the last time I had so much leakage!

          • Hope it’s improving Sir? Going in the hospital late Monday, might just be an overnight stay to have things sorted, I hope. Hehe! Bet it’ll just be more none-effective creams though.
            Hope the lads are doing okay. TTFN

          • Andy and Dougy are doing fine, and so am I today! It took most of the day to get the bleeding in control, but I eventually got it in control. Hope you have good results with your visit. Who wants to go to hospital if nothing or little good comes of it?

          • Glad the pusses and you are alright mate.
            Just my luck innit? I wait weeks losing blood from Little Inchy and when I get the appointment at last he starts to bleed far less. Tsk! going in Monday evening to have things checked out Sir.
            Feeling so tired lately, but not complaining, plenty far worse that I am.
            Hope things keep well mate. TTFN

          • That’s how it goes witrh doctor’s appointments, eh?! Sick as a dog, make the appointment, but by the time you can get in to see the doctor,m you are dead or healed! LOL!

          • I hope tomorrow (Monday) evening to get some facts from the hospital clinic. Don’t think they will keep me in overnight now, because the bleeding is far less than of late. Typical innit? Hehehe! TTFN

          • Chance would be a nice thing to get pampered now you mention it. Hehe.
            I’m even more certain now that I’ll be struggling to get the buses back to the flat tonight Weggieboy… Little Inchy is barely bleeding at all this morning, just a few flecks. TTFN

          • I hope things improve for you Sir, and you can get back to feeling yourself. (That might have come out wrong? Hehe). Get back to feeling more like your normal cheerful self I meant.
            They let me go last night after treating me – unfortunately I had to walk home after missing the last bus. Ah well.
            Taketh care. Cheers.

          • I had something like that happen to me once. I went in for what I thought was a routine follow-up. My doctor established I was down a pint (or anemic, perhaps), and put me in the hospital for a transfusion. By the time that was done, they’d fed me once and all public transportation was shut down for the day. My other options were elderly folks who no longer drove or walk home. I eventually remembered a fellow who had a van that he used to take people to doctor appointments out of town. He cheerfully picked me up and drove me home. I was so happy for the lift, I made a nice donation ($100) for gasoline and other expenses I knew he and his wife basically paid for out of pocket since they gave rides mostly to people of poor means.

          • That was good you remembered and reimbursed him Sir. Well done.
            I’m indoors again today, the rumbling innards have started again. Tsk!
            Still, i can wear me ‘Special undies’ safely while I’m indoors. Hehehe! TTFN take care.

          • He could have told me to walk home but didn’t, so that alone was sufficient to encourage me to reward his kindness in an unexpected and useful way! Most people he and his wife help take places don’t have money, so they depend on the kindness of others for funds or supplies to accomplish their mission.

          • Nice people and a nice gesture from you Sir. I’m off to see Fooey, my sisters amazingly friendly cat today, I hope to remember me camera and post some photo’s in the diary. The vet says he is near the end now and I feel so sad for him now. I’ll get some treats on the way there for him, something special I’ll look for to tempt him to eat a bit more.
            Take care out there Sir. Cheers and cuddles for the cats.

          • I’ll give the boys an extra nice scritch from their “Uncle Inchy”! They are partial to English after a lovely English woman sent them a wonderful box of kitty treats and toys one time. (They fought to get the box the goodies came in, of course, and Dougy won, of course, because he’s a serious connoisseur of boxes.) I remember you writing poor Fooey was not doing well in a recent blog. Such a pretty cat, too. That’s the worst part about having cats or dogs, I think: they are mortal and the are on a faster track from birth to death than we are.

          • Thanks for that Sir.
            Yesterday Fooey was struggling but he managed to eat the few treats I took him, and enjoyed being fussed over, and that cheered me up more than him I think.
            TTFN Sir.

          • I understand what you mean. Even when it isn’t one’s own pet, seeing an animal grow old and less able to defend itself is sad any time.When Louie (my late ginger cat) was dying and I didn’t know what to do for him, I lie down on the floor with him, put my hand on him to let him know I was there. I cried, I’m sure. When I woke up the next morning, on the floor still, he’d moved to the clothes drier, a favorite “den” of his, where I found his body. I can’t imagine how much he endured to get up there or what comfort he felt once there, but finding poor Louie there was the saddest thing I’ve experienced with a pet.

          • So sorry to hear that Sir. Doing what you did with Louie is what I’ve been doing with Fooey whenever I go to see him.
            Fooey for some reason has taken to sleeping on a wooden stool behind a curtain in the living room window bay. Jane put a cushion on it for him, and he removed it? TTFN mate.

          • They have their peculiarities. I provide my kitties nice, soft, warm snuggle-tunnel style beds, so one sleeps on the floor next to a towel (not on it!) in front of the shower and the other sleeps, a lately, in the bathroom sink. The Bathroom Sink Kitty (Andy), also sleeps on the washing machine or in the dryer. He did allow one concession of a soft towel to sleep on in both places, though he often pushes it aside. Sounds like Fooey has similar preferences.

          • How true! Until I got my first kitties, I didn’t realize how much personality cats have. Dogs, of course, have lots of charm. Cats do, too, if you are open to them.

    • Thank you, Michael! I’m getting betyter slowly but surely. Fortunately, since I am retiured, I can stay home and rest like sick people should. When I was still working, I probably would have suffered at work instead of resting and staying home. People are stupid that way, and I was like many people!

    • Me, too! Untill I got Andy, then Dougy, I didn’t realize what sweet cats Persians are. You know how they are portrayed in movies: the villain’s pet, the mean kitty trying to hurt Stuart Little, etc.! Not true: they are sweetie pie cats, with wonderful, pleasant dispositions AND cute squishy faces!

    • Thanks! I’m getting there slowly but surely. As mentioned elsewhere, I have enough sense (now) to stay home and take care of myself. When I was still working, I would have gone to work, miserable and banging away on two of eight cylinders, doing no one any good, least of all myself!

    • I happen to have a nice yogurt in the refrigerator that I’ve been thinking I could probably keep down today….! If I’m lucky, it is a honey-flavored one that that particular company makes that is quite tasty. Just a hint of sweetness…the honey takes the edge off the sour. At worst, it’s a cherry-flavored one. I’ll have to look.I had planne on making pancakes with it, substituting yogurt for milk, which makes a really nice pancake if you like a denser pancake that is almost custardy in texture.

  1. Hope you feel better. You have to know that the headline made me chuckle. My mother used to say Urp and its variations, such as urped and urping or should it be urpped and urpping? I’ll have to figure out a way to work it back into my vocabulary. 🙂

  2. Sometimes it helps to fill the stomach. Not with sugary things, rather with maccaroni and cheese *yumm* or with rice and some asian food. Yesterday I had a Schnitzel with fries – and no stomach problems. Sometimes it eases the uneasiness to drink a cup of milk, slowly. Or to eat a set custard. With not too much sugar.

    • I’ve been trying to think of something that sounded “safe”, and the macaroni and cheese is one I hadn’t considered. Yeah, that sounds kind of good! I had been thinking about making oatmeal…!

      • Nothing with sugar, sorry, no Christmas chocolate for you, nothing with hot spices (do not add chilis), nothing with sour (no oranges or mandarin oranges) – and keep away from cigarette smoke.

        • Fortunately (unfortuantely?), none of that sounds good to me anyway. All of the rich holiday treats would probably bring me down just now, and my stomach made an involuntary gurgle when I wrote that! (I guess it wanted to emphasize to me it still is in charge!).I quit smoking December 1, 1998.In the best of times, cigarette smoke bothers me, so I’m glad fewer and fewer people smoke, and there are more restrictions on where people can smoke

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