Post 446: Early mornings, we quietly drive each other crazy…!

It takes time to get usable photos and videos for this blog. Mostly, I have issues with low light, dark cats, and a camera that’s not designed for adequate coverage of the first two. There’s just so much you can do with Photoshop and editing. Never mind, I have no shame and will post whatever I have to feed the demand for more cats on the Internet!

This first photo came from a video of Dougy hopping on the table (“Bad kitty!”) after my brother and I finished breakfast and were enjoying the digestive process. It’s a retired guy thing! Anyway, the video includes my brother saying a naughty word (“@$$hole”) and me saying something back about how I was making a video and he said “@$$hole” on it. Two negatives don’t make a positive, eh?! My blog’s rated “G” so anyone can read it, if they have to.

bad dougy on table

It’s a pretty good photo of both my brother (he’s on the right…) and my cat Dougy (the fuzzy one…). For further identification purposes, Dougy’s the one on the table since my brother knows better and is a great house guest!

Then there is this:

andy and dougy 6 26 2014

After a session of “cat toy that looks like a hairy bird on a string” (or “mouse that looks like a bird” — the boys aren’t that fussy), Andy (in front) and Dougy (the other cat) are pooped. Notice how they manage to sleep right in the way. It’s a cat code business that anyone with a cat (or dog) knows is a requirement they must follow if they are to keep in good with the cat union.

dougy 6 26 2014

Inevitably, Dougy gets bored blocking the front door, wakes up, and heads out to other cat adventures.

andy 6 26 2014 sleping

Of course, while Dougy’s off to other cat adventures, Andy holds down the cardboard fort, which, conveniently, allows him to block the main passage to the kitchen in case someone decides to “feed the kitties”. Of course, the kitties were fed earlier, so the next official feeding time is after we get back from the military museum this afternoon.

For anyone still with me, here’s what the boys were doing in the wee hours of the morning. It’s a bit dicey because black cats + low light + camera that handles low light “sort of” =’s one of those videos from Hell that you show family and friends when they stay too late on a work night visit! Here we go:

Since I’m retired, I chose to inflict this kind of video on innocent people stopping by for cute kitty videos.