Louie alive~!!

All Louie blog time. I’ve found the video feature on my digital camera is just a little more fun than a straight photo, so you get to endure all Louie videos this time!



Assumptions are made about people who identify themselves as Christian, which I am. Or, at least, try to be.

Christians are judgemental. Christians are “holier than thou”…and dang sure to let you know it! If you are a sinner, Christians would rather not have anything to do with you. Christians think God punishes America because it tolerates homosexuals. All Christians are pro-life, even if it means killing the abortionists! Christians are stiff-lipped, unfriendly, even unhappy people. Christians believe families should be as many as the wife can deliver. (“Bare foot and pregnant”!) Christians believe women are fundamentally inferior to men. And you can’t be Christian and accept the geologic, evolutionary trail left in the stones: Darwin went straight to Hell!

I’m Christian, and I don’t admit to anything but I am a sinner, a sinner with a wicked sense of humor, and appreciation for people clever enough to create videos such as the one that’s attached below! Enjoy! Laugh even. Hug a Christian and tell him (or her) you don’t hold him (or her) personally accountable for the Inquisition, let alone the excesses of it. Lighten up, folks! We’re all in this together!


A Lithuanian Internet friend, Aleksandra, posted this video in one of her booths. I don’t believe in coincidences, as a Christian, and this message came to me at just the right time to affect me positively.

Watch it. It is a 17 minute lesson in how to live in a civilized world, you know, living the Golden Rule! [For those disinclined to be “churchy”, this doesn’t prosyletize. You won’t get Jesus cooties, for example, if you follow another faith or none at all as the message is universal enough that it can be viewed through many eyes.]

Did I mention to you that I admire your perseverance in watching this video, and I know you will go out into the world and shine your light on all you meet? I love you. You are a good and decent person!