Post 2130: Wake up! Wake up!


Zzzzzz… (Andy’s asleep…)


Zzzzzz… (So’s Dougy…)


Happy 8th Birthday, Andrew James Thomas! I’m getting the tuna water ready for your celebration!


You awake, Douglas James Thomas? Happy 8th Birthday! Get up! Get up! There’s tuna water in it for you and Andy if you do!





40 thoughts on “Post 2130: Wake up! Wake up!

  1. Mom is totally embarrassed to say that she forgot to check my catlendar, and so we missed sending Happy Birthday wishes to Andy and Dougy. I hope they will accept our belated wishes. So-o very sorry that we are so-o very late! Luv you.

  2. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY KITTY BOYS!! We love keeping up with your adventures and hope your day was filled with fun and lots of yummy tuna juice!

    • Yes, they went on food formulated and sized for senior cats at age six! Though they don’t seem affected by age at this point, they are at the stgage of life where health issues (kidney, joints, eyes) typically begin to show up in Persians. I live close to their vetrinarian and have no hesitancy when it comes to taking them there for checkups or possible health issues. Dougy, for example, has always been prone to eyew infections, so I get him there at the first sign of one. Andy has his blood pressure issue, too, and has regular check ups for that. Both cats have had these since they were much younger, however, so the conditions aren’t age-related, just there and potentially likely to continue.

    • They really, realy, really enjoyed that tuna water! As soon as they heard the opener pop through the lid, they came running!

    • Dougy had an unhappy moment with a fan next to his ottoman (fluffed his hair!), but we worked it out and he acceptsw it now that it doesn’;t blow directly on him. Cats!

    • All my kiutties have the same middle name, James, because it is a family name and a favorite name of mine! Of ourse, all my pets except onee was male, and the little kitty girl wasn’t with us long enough for me to get beyond namoing her Freckles. She died after being spayed, a shocking loss of a very sweet kitty….

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