Post 1707: when they were kittens…

Andy at one month, four days. No wonder I said “Yes, I’d like to take him home when he’s ready to leave his mommy!”

andy at 8 weeks

Andy’s first day at home with me. 

dougy at three months

Dougy’s favorite place when he was a kitten. He’s three months old here.

Of course, you know the top photo of the kitty brothers at about three and a half months old, perhaps the other two, with Andy always on the left.

A few days ago, it was siblings day on Facebook. That was the inspiration for this Caturday post. Andy and Dougy are linked by genetics and the good fortune to be adopted by someone – me! – who wanted the two to be together once they left their mother.

51 thoughts on “Post 1707: when they were kittens…

    • The longer their hair, the prettier they are, but I look forward to the day they get haircuts. If you have show cats, the long hair serves a purpose, but pet Persians are OK with those haircuts. Not only is long hair a grooming challenge for the human, it is a difficult grooming process for the cart.

  1. Oh, so adorable! I still look back at puppy photos too. Unfortunately, I don’t have much of Ms. Zulu when she was a small pup. She was already a bit bigger when we got her too.

    • I am their mommy! Ha! Wait a minute, no, I am their slave. I am glad I got to have these two from the earliest possible time. It’s a different experience than adopting an older animal, and one I like!~ (That said, I would probably adopt an older cat or two after they go to kitty heaven because I will be an older man by then. Besides, my experience with shelter pets has been very positive. ) Greetings to Janine! I hope you are having good gardening weather, Michel! We just had circa 20 cm of snow, with strong winds up to 80+ kph! Ugh. As we say here after nasty weather, “Oh well, we can use the moisture!”

    • I was shocked when I first saw Andy: He was so ugly he was cute! I’d b=never seen a Persian kitty before and I had questions about what kind of animal he was. LOL! Of course, he was so sweet a kitty – he walked right up to me – I lost my heart to him in an instant. Of course, I realized he was a kitten soon enough that same moment. They quickly grew into beautiful kittens, then cats.

    • That’s exactly what I like about adopting kittens. On the other hand, my first wto kitties were rescues from a shelter. While both were really great cats, I often wondered how they were as kittens since both were well-behaved cats… That made me wonder why and how they ended in shelters. I would never have given them up for any reason!

    • There have been so many new people following Andy and Dougy that I periodically like to replay their kitten years so everyone has a chance to be in on the whole story!

    • They were an unexpected gift at a time I was getting through grieving the death of Louie the ginger cat. If you haven’t looked at the pages under the tagline “surviving retirement with two cats” and followed the links in the one about the origins of Andy and Dougy, you should. It takes you back to the first post that tells how I ended up with the kitty boys. (You and I followed each other recently enough, you may not have had time to explore what’s available on this blog…)

    • LOL! I didn’t realize at first that Andy was a kitten, he was so strange looking to my eye. Looking at the initial kitten photos now, I realize Persian kitties just look…um…”different”. No nail polish for me, but I love the look on Dougy’s face in the photo! When my mother was in the care center, that was one of the photos I printed and framed for her so she could have photos of the kitty boys. It’s on my wall now, along with one of Andy taken his first day in the apartment.

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