morning at the zoo

Happy first day of summer! Carhenge is just down the road from me, and there often is some to-do there in observance of the longest day of the year. A barbecue. Human sacrifice. You know, just your typical small town America celebration!

My favorite visitor comment came from an English tourist who wrote, “We have one in England like this.” Ha!

Anyway, not much doing here. Cats woke me up. Got up and fed them, and prepared the trash for the trash guys to pick up later today. Had a lot of trash this week because I shredded lots of old bank statements, tax records, and the like that passed their shelf life. Never have enough room where I live, so anything that reduces clutter – paper is the worst! – is a happy thing for me.

Andy and Dougy had some scuffles in the past few days, but today they are their usual well-oiled team, doing their best to assure I get nothing of my own done so long as there is urgent cat business to tend to. What can I say? I got a short video out of it.

Time to stop and do something for me. A nice cup of coffee, a light breakfast, and maybe I can stay a step or two ahead of the boys!