Post 624: sleepy boy

It amazes me the places and ways cats sleep. For example, how does Andy manage this pillow and not come away with a stiff neck?

andy sleeps

Yet sleep he did, and I had to shake him to wake him for his medicine. 

14 thoughts on “Post 624: sleepy boy

    • Totally agree with you, Robin! I guess it is the sleep of innocence and (perhaps) a full tummy in a warm place. Thanks! Andy is very sweet while sleeping. I look at him and catch myself saying, “Awww!” Both Andy and his brother are pretty good boys, most of the time.

    • He really is…until you touch him! Though he wakes up in a really happy mood, purring, if you press him (i.e. pet him, scratch his ears, don’;t let him slowly wake up fully), he definitely takes your hand and turns it into a chew toy. Ha!

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