Post 841: “…so then we ate!”

Can’t say we got much done today here. I watched a slew of old movies on TCM channel and the boys slept. Of course, that made us terribly hungry, so then we ate!

Andy (foreground) and Dougy tackle chicken supper.

Andy (foreground) and Dougy tackle chicken supper.

That clothespin is a favorite toy of both the boys.

That clothespin is a favorite toy of both the boys. They decided that. 

I’m not sure what I’ll have. Maybe french toast. Or scrambled eggs and toast. I’m not super hungry (having done nothing all day…!) but should eat something.

I could go for a fast food meal, I suppose, but don’t feel like anything along that line. Chinese maybe…but I’d have to go in to get it.

Then there’s always that tuna in the cupboard. A nice tuna sandwich sounds kind of fast and tasty! Andy and Dougy love the liquid off the tuna, though they don’t really do much with the tuna meat itself. Strange kitties….

22 thoughts on “Post 841: “…so then we ate!”

  1. One of my cats comes running when I put the can of tuna on the counter… I don’t know how he can tell it’s tuna before it is even opened! The other two cats don’t care for people tuna at all.

    • I know what you mean. Both Andy and Dougy come running when they hear the can opener pop the seal on the tuna. There must be a subtle difference in sound between tuna cans and other cans that they can hear.

  2. Opening a can of tuna in this house is a pain, by the time all 15 get a taste, there isn’t much left 🙂 How about ordering a pizza? Does anyone deliver in your area?

    • There is pizza del;ivery here. In fact, Pizza Hut is a block and a half away but wil;l deliver to me. I’ve had some delivery issues with them, however. Apparently no one checks the Internet orders because I have had two orders not even started after an hour or more, and they were done only after I called in the complaint about ridiculously slow delivery. The second time, I got a little attitude fromn the young lady who answered the phone. She left me with the impression she didn’t feel it was any big deal I’d waited 90+ minutes for an order and didn’t get it. Frankly, I have boycotted them since. It has cost them a couple hundred dollars worth of business, with a typical bill around $36. I’d get three meals out of the pizza. (I used to treat myself to pizza at least once a month, sometimes twice.)

    • Grilled cheese sounds good for tonight! I don’t fix it very often. Don’t know why because it’s simple, tasty, and something I enjoy eating. Yum! I had been thinking about making a pasta salad, but don’t feel like heating up the kitchen.

  3. Oh, old movies…I love them. Mom has her faves and I have mine. Babe is a fave of mine. The hoomin flick Psycho is also another favourite. I don’t know but I’m spellbound by that show. Once Vivian gets into the motel room…I’m hooked. I can be found in front of the TV for the rest of the movie. One of mom’s favourite go to meals is scrambled eggs and toast with ginger marmalade. If dad is here, then its tuna casserole out of the box. Quick and with a few additions, even dad likes it. That way I get the tuna juice. I like kitty food tuna better than peep tuna….its got more flavour.


    • The original “Babe” was tremendous! I was less enchanted with the sequel, though it had some good values, too. I’m a fan of Film-noir and anything the late Louie Malle did. Alfred Hitchcock films all are great, too, though my favorite is “North by Northwest”, partly because a significant part of the action takes place in South Dakota.

      Scrambled eggs and toast with ginger marmalade….Mmmmm! Simple, tasty! I wish I had marmalade on hand. Used mine up, I’m afraid.

      Several years ago, the plant manager where I worked invited his boss to supper. He hadn’t alerted his wife to the plan, so she had to hurriedly put together something using what was on hand. Looking through the cabinet, she found noodles, tuna , and mushroom soup: She’d make a tuna casserole! They all sat down to supper and about gagged: it was cat food tuna! In her haste, she’d overlooked that it wasn’t “people food”! TOn a happy note, her husband learned to give her forewarning before he ever invited someone in for dinner again! Days notice, in fact.

      • hahaha…oh that is rich! At least something good came out of the Cat Tuna Casserole….notice will now be given. That is so funny. We have had company, unexpected, that managed to eat all the supper and we get very little. I was brought up to make sure your supper guests have everything they require for supper….even if I have to go without. I don’t care for that idea of mom’s. Some folk eat and eat and eat. I have gone without for these folk…..when I cut back on hubby’s food too, there was a decrease in surprise visitors. hehe
        I don’t think I’ve seen any Louie Malle films. He was married to Candace Bergen…that’s the extent of my knowledge about Louie Malle. I would like to see some of his pictures.
        Hubby is heading over to Alberta for a few days and I’m planning my dinners. Chicken wings, Shepard’s Pie….my favourite….spareribs. I will enjoy the food while he is gone. He doesn’t like the aforementioned.

        • “Au revoir les enfants” is my favorite, though “May Fools” is a less grim and quirky delight. I especially liked his early film, “Elevator to the Gallows” because it had a Miles Davis soundtrack for one thing, but also a taunt story line that kept me on the edge of my seat each time I saw it (and, clearly, after the first time) knew what was coming next. You can find summaries of these films on line, and “Elevator to the Gallows” actually played a week or two ago on TCM channel, though I first saw it on video. He was a great story teller!

          • I see where I can call up, “Elevator to the Gallows” on my computer and watch the whole movie. I will do this when hubby takes off for Alberta. You think this is the best movie to start watching “Film Noir?”

          • It is a thriller! Plus, lots of the action takes place in Paris in the late 1950s. It is great fun seeing the vintage European cars. There are two story lines in the movie, that Malle masterfully brought together in a surprising denouement. It is a bit dark, but it is a good introduction to his style. “Murmuir of the Heart” was very compelling, too, and features a shocking theme of incest set to a jazz soundtrack again. (I liked that as much as the movie.). If you want lighter fare, “May Fools” definitely ios easier viewing, though the plot is quirky and full of bizarre characters coming together for a family reunion. (That is to say, pretty much what a family reunion tends to be! LOL!)

          • I am planning on watching the, “Elevator to the Gallows” during dinner. I have prepared what I have to, washed done my work for today so I can sit down and enjoy the film.
            So , I won’t be on the computer till tomorrow. I’ll let you know how I like it, Doug.


          • Man! I really like company but not when the evening is all planned but guess what happened? Then this morning my niece and nephew came up from the Vancouver area for a visit and then on to their son’s wedding. So I have been entertaining relatives. That’s it for this year. No one comes up any later than this month. I will try for this evening but I’m tired. I’ll at least get it on the Notebook. I’m really looking forward to this.

          • I can appreciate that! I haven[‘t had visitors this years, but those years I do, I basically have to put all my activities on hold to accommodate the visitors. (Don’t feel obligated to view the movie! When you have time and inclination will be soon enough.)

          • I still have the film to look forward to. Tomorrow is the Grand Canyon Tour in Cat Scouts so Shoko will be busy.
            Today I picked the first of our cauliflower. It was delicious! Very small head. Just the right size. I think I’m the only one here that likes cauliflower and broccoli…hubby just turns up his nose unless it is raw.

          • Lucky you! Everyone in my family likes it so I have to share….! Ha! Fresh from the garden can’t be beat, though there are many great and yummy ways to fix it.

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