Post 611: Bah!

It’s difficult to get into the Christmas mood when advertisers have bombarded me with Christmas since before Halloween. It doesn’t help, either, that it’s supposed to be between 55°F-65˜F (13°C-18°C) during the day (sun promised!) the rest of the week. Yet, the inexorable march toward that holiday goes on.

One of these days, I’ll wake up, and…”AIYEEE! Christmas!” Um, it’s the 10th of December and I haven’t sent one card. I use the cats as my excuse not to put up decorations, let alone a tree full of “cat toys”. I better get with it.

Christmas stamps. They came yesterday...!

Christmas stamps. They came yesterday…!

The arrival of the Christmas stamps means I can’t put off writing cards any longer. Well, I can, but I better not! (By the way, this may be the closest I get to wishing you a blessed Christmas. Bah!)



25 thoughts on “Post 611: Bah!

  1. I figure its the cats Christmas too so I go about putting soft ornaments at the bottom of the tree. It’s worked so far. I pick them up everyday until finally I find I can maneuver quite nicely through them. Besides I’m sick of picking them up. Their condo is all dressed for Christmas…we’ll see what it looks like after a kitty disagreement. Just another fun season…sending out Christmas letters to peeps we don’t often see including family. We could tell them anything…they’d believe us…why not?….they haven’t seen us for years.


    • When we sign on to house kitties in our homes, we tacitly agree to tolerate a degree of chaos…! As for Christmas letters, those who have seen me in years know they can find out what I’m doing on my blog (mostly), and those who haven’t probably don’t really care to know anyway. I practice emotional triage during this season, and break many hearts unknown. Mwahahahahaha! 😉

    • Thanks! It’s fun featuring one’s pets on postage, and they (my cats) are cuter than George Washington and any number of other famous people who’ve been featured on official postage. I exempt Miles Davis from that: He’s was a very cool Jazz cat. Seriously.

  2. Bah,Humbug -blessed Christmas – use the Holidays to overindulge and overeat and do all things without thinking about how you should not have this or do that – (uhm, well, stop at illegal things, of course) – and ENJOY the one time of the year where all those mindful voices can be silenced with Humbug – and you get away with it because it is a quote from a classical novel.

    • Exactly! I generally get more in the mood the closer I get to Christmas, and one of my traditions is to listen again to the complete “Christmas Oratorio” of J.S. Bach. It helps put me in the right frame of mind for the holiday.

        • I had an Indonesian Muslim friend who loved “White Christmas”, as sung by Bing Crosby. As a Muslim, it bothered him that he liked a Christmas song, but I assured him (perhaps incorrectly from a Muslim point of view) that one could enjoy music and things from many religious traditions but not violate one’s own religious beliefs. I love Latin Masses, for example, not a very Presbyterian thing for a Presbyterian! Pergolesi’s “Stabat Mater” is so lovely, so alien to a Protestant sensibility, some might not want to admit it brings tears to their eyes in contemplation of the sorrows of the Virgin Mary at the foot of the cross. Whatever one enjoys is what’s right! (Understand that I see Christmas as foreshadowing the sacrifice of Christ on the cross, so it isn’t one of those Santa Claus and Christmas sales times for me. Sorry for going “Jesus freak” on you. I’m not that good a Christian!)

          • I am still member of a lutherian church (here in Germany I am a minority among my colleagues of my age) – and you know why? Because I think I have spent money worse than on kindergardens and old people nursing homes. If you are member of a church here you pay church tax – 10 % of what you pay as income tax, roughly.

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