cloudy days

The sun barely came out a moment ago. Just enough to scramble my thoughts on cloudy days, which I like.


It will be hot today, but today will be shorter than yesterday. Soon, trees will color, and the frame of clouds in the sky will add to the drama.

stratocumulus clouds east of alliance

In the meantime, this is a season of thunderheads dominating the landscape. Scary. Stunningly beautiful. Big. Dangerous. Something to behold!

Hot Springs sd aug 29 2011_edited-1

These aren’t the soft clouds of June, a light mist in the air, but “scare-yer-pants-off-end-of-the-world” crash bangers!

wrath of god red_edited-1
Something like that.

Naw. More like this. “Scare-you-to-Jesus” clouds!


Don’t despair! After the storm comes the light. Look hard enough at a cloud, and you can see the bunny rabbit.

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