treat time

Andy was a bit late for treat time this morning. I don’t know what happened. He’s as reliable as the atomic clock in Ft. Collins when it comes to treat time.

Oh well! I got up to stretch my legs and take some dishes to the sink from the cats’ breakfast. Andy heard me moving about, and ran over to his “hinting place”, a slice of cottonwood branch from a large tree that blew down in the city park a of couple years ago or so. For whatever reason, the boys love to sit on this piece of tree. Andy especially likes it, and runs over there to let me know he wants his treats, NOW!

Anything you say, Andrew! You’re the cat.

9 thoughts on “treat time

    • It’s fun to do, and you also create a visual record of your little buddies that you will appreciate more and more as they go through their stages of life. There’s one thing I’d love to get on video, but it happens randomly, always when I don’t have a camera handy: when Dougy or Andy shakes his head. It makes a cute little sound similar to a remote control airplane motor, only quieter. It makes me laugh every time!

    • Me, too. I think what happens is he eats some dry cat food during the day, then doesn’t feel like eating when I bring out the treats. Andy always feels like eating! Fortunately, he’s a scrawny little guy and doesn’t pick up weight.

      • Rufus is always excited when he hears the keyboard noise so that I find it difficult to write my posts when he comes to me at that moment! Same with you? It must help that they have each other to play with — as opposed to Rufus, who’s an only child here. LOL 🙂

      • Ever since I got the cat loungers and the new cat tree, the boys spend less time lounging on my keyboard and computer desk. I’ll feel a soft presence walk past me sometimes. (they have to “mark” me with their personal scent so the other brother knows who has claim of me for the moment…! Ha!) Mostly, though, they stop buy to remind me it’s treat time or supper time. Speaking of which, Andy missed treat time. Must have been up all night or something. He’s almost an hour late!

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